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  1. not me i'm afraid, there will be others!
  2. sussed it now thanks for the heads up George.
  3. I'm looking for a none working Larkspur C42 for a static museum display, Anyone got one they'd sell?
  4. I'm after a ferret to restore, so if you've got one that hasn't been run for years or is in a sorry state sell it to me so i can get the old girl running again. willing to travel, any condition considered. cash buyer. finders fee for leads that i purchase!
  5. Hi Chris110 Did you go ahead with the move of the dodge to the UK, i'm interested as i'm trying to move a Ferret back. how did you go on at customs? Regards Gez (ex REME too)
  6. Hi, i'm looking at moving a Ferret from inside the EU to the UK on a HGV, its unregistered (anywhere) and in poor order, its no weapons of any kind. Does anyone have experience of moving military vehicles from the EU to the UK?
  7. The brake lines commonly rust through where they lie on the hull floor, they can be done in situ but its not easy. Also id not recommend burning the paint off use a needle gun, by far the best way IMHO.
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