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  1. Any idea guys who currently owns the M10 as described in After the Battle 25? It was an article which featured Peter Gray. I did some research in the US with with Allan Cors but he doesn't own this particular tank but another A10. See below his response. Thanks for your inquiry about our M10 T.D. It did not come from Budge or Peter Gray. Our T.D. was purchased from a man in the UK named Phelps who rescued it from the bottom of the Pounds junk yard in Portsmouth. So, who should I contact. Anyone? Regards Raymond Bal
  2. Hi guys, This is Raymond from the Netherlands. As of a few years I read After The Battle magazine. My aim is to visit (and photograph) all the sites/objects which are featured on the front cover of this magazine. Two months ago I read issue 25 which is about the M10 which belonged to Peter Gray. I read some comments that this tank was moved to the USA. Has anybody maybe have an update on exact whereabouts of this tank? Or somebody who I could contact? Thanks Raymond
  3. Hello, I have read After The Battle Magazine number 24. It describes the film/documentary: It's all a game Does anyone know if this film is somewhere on internet/YouTube? Regards Raymond The Netherlands
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