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  1. Tony, I would welcome any Armour that would like to come and drive across our varied ‘Battlegrounds’ terrain overlooking the Oare Marshes, near Faversham, when you are ready for a spin let me me know, we are open every two weeks, from this weekend!
  2. Hello All, My names Jim, I run an IT company in Surrey, UK, and also an Airsoft Site in Kent (Where we dress up and play soldiers), Our USP has evolved and become our use of vehicles in our scenarios, and over the last two years I seem to have gone from a classic Hilux, to two Pinzgauers, both 710m -ex swiss radio trucks, a Unimog 1300L - ex Belguim Army, I'd always wanted to buy a 432, but my ex-REME buddy forbade me, and then recently I came across some armour made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch, the creators of my beloved Pinzgauers... So I am purchasing two Saurer 4K 4FA/3FA APC and
  3. Hi Terry, do you own a Saurer 4K 4FA ? I saw on a thread you were looking for one a few years back..



    1. terryb


      yes was looking, but after speaking to a few owners decided against is as difficult to work on, and parts are scarce & not cheap. went down the 432 route-very impressed, they are tough, easy to work on, and still plenty of spares around.

    2. L3610N


      well as i have no experience on any tracked vehicle ‘Difficult to work on’ is a given, and my starting point :) , I’ve chatted to a few owners of the saurer now and they all seem happy with their machines and its performance and reliability, I've even found a firm in Austria who have all the spares i may need, although, that is why I purchased two in the first place!

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