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  1. Hello All, Just to let anyone who may be interested in the Honda XR250 motor bike that it is on Ebay, and ends tomorrow. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ex-British-Army-Honda-XR250/184547754250 Regards Dougy
  2. Hello All, And thank you Craig, as you and a few others that have contacted me since I have mentioned that I was selling my collection, know how much I like my vehicles. I know if I sell, that I will never have the opportunity to indulge again, but since I had my accident, I have been even more quiet on the military vehicle scene than I had been! My accident did involve a fairly serious head injury, and it was at the hands of one of the fv432s. And I have been reluctant to go back to the scene, which I finally did a couple of weekends ago. I had to move my Lightweight, which is
  3. Hello All, I hope everyone is well and manging ok during these weird times. I know it has been a while since I was last on here, it has been a long time since I last saw my fv432s, about 18 months! Some of you who know me well, will know that was about the same time when I had a fairly serious accident, which did take a while to get over, at times I would say I haven't fully recovered yet! On that note, it is I suppose the main reason to be posting after such a long time. Today we put our house on the market, so what better time to start to let everyone know my fv432s
  4. Have seen this a couple of time, but don't remember ever causing a vehicle not to start. But it may have unsettled the resrictor valve I mentioned? It normally happens because there are 3 fuel pipes at the power pack junction, of which 2 are the same size and can easily be swopped.
  5. Are you getting "lots of fuel" at the main in pipe to the Fuel Injection Pimp (FIP)? There is a relief valve 20 - 25 lbs in2 on the leak of pipe at the engine fuel filter, could be stuck open and loosing pressure down the spill pipes? Your new video would suggest that the FIP rack control arm is moving in the right direction. I think if that moves that rules out some problems that could be within the governor. There is oil in the governor housing? There is pressure valve on the back of the governor housing, but I think if there was a problem with that the control rod wouldn't move?
  6. Hello All, It's been a while since I've played with a fv430. But I have had one that needed the rack to have a bit of help to move into the run position. In your video you show the mechanism moving, but there is a rod with a bolt head, does that move in when the engine starts on easy start. From experience of having to start engines once easy start used, they get addicted to it. Only way to stop is to rebuild engine, easy start not good for engines. Normally once you resort to sniffer something wrong. Can you check that the super charger/blower is working/turning. It is a
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