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  1. Dear Larry, In my book I have in fact considered the accuracy (or otherwise) of the MVs and tanks used in various WW2 films. I think the last sentence of your post refers to 'The Rat Patrol', an American TV series which was shown on BBC-1 around 1967 and was stopped after just a few episodes because of criticism from British veterans of the North African campaign Best Wishes, Colin www.colinbarron.co.uk
  2. According to Simon Beck's book 'The Aircraft-Spotter's Film and TV Companion' and I quote 'DC-3C reg G-DAKS did most of the flying with G-BHUB playing the second Ruskin aircraft.G-BHUA was also used. Several other DC-3s appear in one episode set during the Berlin airlift and which was filmed on Malta.'
  3. Yes that's right. Roy Marsden starred as Jack Ruskin in 'Airline.' Just nine episodes, made by Yorkshire TV shown in first quarter of 1982. Filmed in 1981. Created by Wilfrid Greatorex who co - wrote 'Battle of Britain' film Originally to have run over a few seasons covering different time periods but was cancelled after just nine episodes. Colin M. Barron
  4. Here's more info I remembered. There was a feature on the making of this programme in the 'TV Times' that week in June 1979 .focusing on the use of S for Sugar at the RAF museum in Hendon. I have no idea why the programme was called 'The Purple Twilight' although the word 'Twilight' suggests an influence from 'The Twilight Zone' TV series. Curiously, there was an episode of 'The Outer Limits' TV series called 'Keeper of the Purple Twilight.' I wrote an article for Flypast in 1996 called 'Warbirds on the Box' which mentioned 'The Purple Twilight' but it was not used because of problems sourcing photos. You may be interested to read my book 'Planes on Film' about aviation films. It is available from Amazon. Colin M. Barron
  5. Yes I know all about this programme. It was called 'The Purple Twilight' and aired on ITV in June 1979 (see imdb for date). It was written by Geoffrey Lancashire and starred William Franklyn,Sarah Lawson and Bernard Archard amongst the cast. Some filming was done with Lancaster 'S' for Sugar at the RAF Museum, plus a lot of stock footage. The plot had a sci - fi element as it opened with the Lanc pilot in difficulty and seeing two different futures in one of which he is an airline pilot.
  6. A big 'thank you' to all members of this forum who answered all my questions over the last few months in relation to my new book 'Battles on Screen : WW2 Action movies'. The book has now been released and is available from all the usual outlets, including Amazon. There is quite a lot in it about tanks and military vehicles. Colin M. Barron
  7. Can anyone give me details of who supplied all the MVs in the 1969 film 'The Bridge at Remagen'? I know the Austrian Army supplied all the M24s and the Czech Army supplied OT-810 halftracks and Praga RN trucks but where were all the other MVs sourced from? Thanks, Colin
  8. My reference to this claim is Cinema Retro Movie Classics special on 'Where Eagles Dare'. Page 77. 'Of the 16 Kubelwagens used in the film,two are known to have survived,with UK-based Club 'Tiger1 ' claiming to own one'. Colin
  9. I was wondering if any of you had any information about where all the German military vehicles were obtained from for the film 'Where Eagles Dare?' I know that some at least came from the Austrian Army e.g. the 1958 Saurer APC which appears in the film. What about the others? I believe 16 Kubelwagens were used in the filming and only two survived! Thanks for your help. Colin'
  10. Yes please do let me have any information you have. Thank You, Best Wishes, Colin
  11. Yes I will let everyone know when the book is published - probably late 2017 or early 2018. Colin
  12. The makers of ' A Bridge Too Far' constructed four replica German armoured cars plus two replica Sd. Kfz 251 half-tracks plus some replica Kubelwagens mainly for use in the 'Grabner's charge' sequence at Arnhem (Deventer) Bridge which was filmed 12 times. I think they used a lot of replicas to avoid damaging real vehicles. Some genuine half -tracks etc were used in this sequence as well but they were kept well back and did not participate in the dangerous stunts which might have resulted in damage to priceless historic vehicles. Colin
  13. Yes that information would be very helpful. I will be mentioning 'Force 10 From Navarone' towards the end of the chapter on 'The Guns of Navarone.' I already know that much of the film was shot in Yugoslavia using T34s and other MVs supplied by the Yugoslavian Army. The film was completed in Jersey in January 1978 and one of the MVs used was the Sd.Kfz 251 replica built for ' A Bridge Too Far' . Any other information you have would be most appreciated. Best Wishes, Colin
  14. Thanks for all the helpful info guys. In due course I will also be researching Guns of Navarone,Kelly's Heroes,Where Eagles Dare,The Great Escape,The Eagles Has Landed,Saving Private Ryan,The Bridge at Remagen,,The Longest Day so may have further questions over the next few months. Best Wishes, Colin
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