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  1. Gents, I'm looking to obtain a couple period-correct bergens for my ex-Basra Land Rover Snatch to hold various kit inside the vehicle when it's on show and in use. Seems like there is a myriad of types, ECM, radio, etc. Is there a "GS" bergan that would have been used during this operation or in Iraq, in general? As always, thanks! Ron
  2. Being here in 'Merica, i have ready access to all manner of firearms....except an L85. I'm going to guess that this "pod" will fit my Tavor quite well. You know....for when the Zombies come....
  3. Curse you!!! Now i have more things to spend money on!
  4. right on! Thank you Sir! Now, where might I look for one? I reckon that someone would be hard-pressed to find one not attached to the H-D, and therefore, nearly impossible to buy.
  5. Gents, Does anyone have knowledge of this case, apparently for an L85? Is it an actual MOD piece or aftermarket?
  6. Gents, Does anyone here own 22KK72? TIA. Rongo
  7. for the ultimate in realness!!!
  8. There is a whole separate TOOL for that? :-)
  9. Gents, While perusing some pics, I came across this WMIK with an odd piece of kit attached. What on earth is this?
  10. Hi all! I'm Ron, a snatch addict. (tee hee. See what I did there?) This January, it's finally legal to import the Snatch vehicles into America, and as such, i've got a broker looking for a top-notch vehicle to become one of the first legal Snatches in the USA. (STOP GIGGLING) I'm familiar with early Defender vehicles as I already have and ex-MOD 90, circa 1983, but clearly these are not that. Salinte! Ron
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