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  1. I'm selling my M1008. Lots of interest, all going good, new MOT etc, low price...but on two occasions when a buyer with cash came to buy it, it went wrong on the day they arrived therefore wasting everyone's time. First one the starter motor went 10 minutes before buyer arrived! spent £300 getting it sorted. Then today another buyer comes...trans fluid everywhere in road and not shifting up to 3rd gear when he test drove, but it was fine before! Have no more money to spend on it. Removed ebay listing even though there were lots of bids. Can't think of anything other than scrapping it now and trying to forget about all the lost money. I have not enough technical knowledge to fix it myself so that's not an option. I'd really appreciate some great ideas on this one please guys!!!
  2. Thanks!!! Sorry I didn't see it earlier...I don't get this website! Now I'm looking for a starter motor!!!
  3. Hi Steve, Thank you for your reply...again! That's really useful info. I find this website difficult as I don't get any notifications. I'm missing lots as the only way to find out is to log on and literally check every post I'm on! Does this happen for you? Anyway, the truck is up for sale on eBay. I don't know whether to sell it or not! I think the starter problems are ok now. She's starting up at least! there's a bit of a high pitched squeak when you rev up but not when idling. Don't know what that is. The belts have been changed. Any ideas? Thanks Helen
  4. Ah! that is a shame:-( My biggest problem is finding a knowledgeable person that can help me fix my truck! If I could solve that problem I wouldn't have the other problems. You'd think it wouldn't be so hard!
  5. Thank you! Sorry for late reply...I don't get the notifications system on this site...seems random! I'm missing replies because of it!
  6. Thank you so much Steve!!! I'm feeling better already. I have been to Steel soldiers and downloaded the tech manuals which I've been trawling through for help...but I must be the biggest dunce around because they are confusing me even more ha!! I can do stuff if I've got clear instructions. I need a like Hanes manual in book form...I'm crap at reading stuff on my laptop! I got a battery isolator switch, and I'm getting the batteries charged up so at least they can't sneakily drain out while I'm not looking. Still doesn't explain why the draining is occurring though. I have a million wires about the engine. I think it's still a 24v system (but how would I know otherwise?). Could it be the glow plugs or relay or something staying active longer than they should?? I'll check back later. Thanks Helen
  7. Yeah I guess so! I got a battery isolator switch today. I'm going to charge both batteries, fit the switch and at least they cant drain whilst not in use.
  8. Yes this could be the problem. I have no idea how to disconnect the relay though. I'm a bit nervous of anything to do with batteries and electrical stuff! I need step by step instructions I'm afraid :undecided:
  9. the batteries were both tested and all good and the next day, one was dead. no idea why.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your reply, Nothing else is connected to them, as far as I know...nothing obvious anyway. I'll post some pics of the batteries installed ASAP.
  11. Hi Steve, Thank you for your reply. Sorry, I haven't been back to this site in a while and as I'm new to it I don't get the randomness of the email notifications about replies and messages! So I didn't know I had a reply. I think I'm going to sell the truck. I am having major problems with very little things. No-one seems to know what to do with it and I'm talking qualified mechanics! I wish I was brave enough to tackle it, but I'm not. Any advice? (and I'll keep checking back this time). Thanks Helen
  12. Thanks for your reply, and advice. I think the batteries are connected up wrong but I'm not sure. Got 2 new batteries, one was dead the very next day!! What on earth could cause this? Don't know if I've got the right batteries, or if they are connected correctly, and I've got no idea myself and don't know anyone who's got any ideas...that's why I'm stuck!
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