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  1. I wish I could. Very very difficult to get in at the moment sadly. I'm in the Reserve at home, but not engineers, infantry. Thanks very much Daren, those are great words of encouragement and a damn fine testament to the job itself. I think it's something I could definitely enjoy and get up every day for, knowing that there'll be something different almost every day! You're dead right there. The Mowags have seen some serious action in Syria and have more than held their own. The RG's...well, the less said about them the better from what I hear. We could definitely do with an upgrade on the Scorpions though and we use a civvy jeep (Pajero) for day-to-day stuff. Some good some bad overall!
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the words! Well my degree is a BA in international relations and I think I'd do OK at something mechanical; I have no formal qualifications, but I'm always tinkering and fixing things around the house. Different scale, but same principle. Thanks for the links and info! Being Irish I could, but where I live in Ireland would mean that that's quite a politically sensitive decision...I'm not so worried about myself, but my family at home would cop some stick and worse.
  3. Thanks! There's only one way to see if I'm afraid of heights I suppose!
  4. When you put it like that, there's a bit more hope for me I suppose! What is the market size for military vehicles and restoration of same in the UK? I imagine it's quite small in Ireland - there's one show over there that I know of.
  5. At the moment I'm unemployed (actively seeking work), I have an undergraduate degree but I fear nothing relevant to military vehicle restorations (yet), and I'm 24.
  6. Thanks! I'll have a look at that now. PM sent mate. Sound, at least that's something to aim for! Thanks
  7. Yeah, still 24 so time enough yet (though I really should have started sooner!!) That seems like the best route (the taking courses one) so I think that'll have to be it. Unless I can hook up with the military vehicle group back in Ireland!
  8. Sounds like a good start anyway, cheers for the information!
  9. Thanks for the tips. I imagine the "market" for it is a lot bigger in the UK alright. I suppose you don't know anyone in Germany?
  10. Fair one. I was thinking more of a traineeship or something like that. I was just curious really as I'm in Germany at the moment and I don't think that there are any groups in my area for that kind of thing anyway unfortunately.
  11. Now, I'm fairly sure I know the answer to this one, but here goes! Is it possible to make a living working as a vehicle restorer? Or working for someone who restores historic military vehicles, to be more precise. I have no experience in mechanics, but it's something I've long had an interest in, especially military mechanics and restoration. As I said, I'm fairly sure I'll be told "it's a hobby, and a damned expensive one at that" but I thought here'd be the best place to ask regardless. Brian
  12. Hi everyone, my name is Brian and I've just recently joined the forum. I've always had an interest in military history and military vehicles, so joining here is a natural progression! I don't own any (yet!) but I've always wanted to own a Willy's Jeep - God knows if I start there, I may never stop! I have a few questions about military vehicle restoration and preservation, but I'll have a look around the forum and find the appropriate place to post the q's! Brian P.S. Mods: I've posted an introduction thread already, but didn't mark it with the Introduction prefix, hence the second one:blush: feel free to delete/amend as required!
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