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  1. Hi Tony, what you have is a Coventry climax FSM pump, with an engine that was made by Coventry Climax themselves. These engines were designed in the 20s or early 30s for a car manufacturer called Swift Motors( the engine number,when you find it will be SM.xxxx) Swift motors went bust, so Coventry Climax incorporated the engines in there own pumps. They built many of these pump sets before and during the war. The good thing is that you have the trailer, they are harder to find. I have 2 of there pumps, one Ive just restored from a pile of bits like yours, and another waiting in store. Also working on a Beresford Stork at moment and im picking up a Worthington Simpson pump and trailer on Monday! All these little trailer fire pumps were ordered before the war for the AFS & then incorporated into the NFS, some also saw military service, they were towed by commandeered private vehicles at first until proper tow vehicles became available later in the war. Clayton
  2. Thanks for the info, I will take some pics and post,its all in bits at moment !
  3. Hi, I'm restoring a Coventry Climax trailer pump, there are traces of the original NFS grey paint on it. Has anyone any idea what shade of paint I need to get mixed ?? I'm guessing that it will be one of the RAL paint codes Cheers
  4. Hi Paul, thanks for the welcome. Not got a period tow vehicle as yet, going to concentrate on restoring the pump and trailer first. When thats done i'll probably get a 30's car to pull it with, i understand that many were comandeered for that purpose at the beginning of the war. cheers
  5. Hi, just a bit about myself, i'm on the notts/lincs border and have just bought a 1930's coventry climax fire pump and trailer as a project, its seized and in bits so i've got plenty to do! Lots of bits missing so i'll be trying to source them... Looking forward to talking to other members Clayton
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