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  1. Hi Richard, I have M12 set screws with 18mm A/F heads and M10 with 16mm A/F. Conventionally these should be 19mm and 17mm A/F accordingly. These are used on certain chassis points on my RB44 and are the original ones as fitted. I'm guessing these were specials for the application. Cheers Chris.
  2. Would anyone happen to know a source for Military specification nuts and bolts? Most of the mil spec hex head bolts seem to be smaller across the flats of the head for its given size to the off the shelf items. Some instances conventional nuts and bolts are fine but others require the smaller head sizes for clearance when in position. Done the usual internet searching with little luck. Chris.
  3. Would anyone have or know where I could get one of these from for a R/H drive RB44? Preferably new, but good second hand one would suffice. Cheers Chris
  4. OK, Thanks guys. I'll speak to Paul at Jacksons of Morepeth.
  5. Can anyone advise me where I can get hold of a fuel tank sender unit my RB (or an equivalent if there is one?). When I switch the ignition on the gauge jumps straight to empty even though the tank is half full? Searched the net and haven't found anything as yet :nut:. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Chris
  6. Hi Ian, Yes drop me an email at chris.prescott@rafuhhc.org.uk some of our team would be interested in meeting up over 'Hooky' at some point and letting you guys know what we're doing over at Heyford. Already I can see possible MVT plans for the future!
  7. Hi folks, Chris here from Upper Heyford, former home of the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing and the F-111E. I am part of a volunteer led Heritage Team and also a Director on the board of the Non-Profit company we have set up working with the owners of the site, English Heritage and the local Council in establishing a dedicated Heritage Centre as part of the redevelopment of the overall site. All still work in progress I'm afraid but the final stages of the planning approval from the Council is almost there. As soon as we have this we have 15 months to get the centre sorted so busy times ahead! Anybody interested in visiting us they can as we currently conduct Airfield Tours on a pre booked basis from April - November. [see the attached Facebook link for those who want to see what we get up to] https://www.facebook.com/rafuhhc Anyways, I've just purchased a winch model RB44 for running around on the former base. I am new to the military Vehicle scene although always loved it, no doubt I will call on your expertise from time to time. Cheers Chris
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