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Found 9 results

  1. I'm not sure whether to put this here or the Classifieds section, but I'm after a heater matrix for an RB44. Mine is leaking and although I could just remove the failed matrix and wait to get it repaired, I'd prefer to have another ready to go straight back in. It doesn't need to be pristine as I'd have it pressure tested and checked over anyway. Andy
  2. Hi, I have an RB44 with a winch on the front coming off the hydraulics. The winch worked a year ago but now I can’t pull the red knob up! Either I am doing something wrong or I have. A problem. could someone remind me how to work the winch or helpful ideas of what could be wrong. thanks
  3. I'm searching for RB44 brake pads for some mates, who are running out of spares for their RB44's. If anyone have some for sale, please contact me.
  4. Can anyone advise me where I can get hold of a fuel tank sender unit my RB (or an equivalent if there is one?). When I switch the ignition on the gauge jumps straight to empty even though the tank is half full? Searched the net and haven't found anything as yet :nut:. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi folks, Chris here from Upper Heyford, former home of the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing and the F-111E. I am part of a volunteer led Heritage Team and also a Director on the board of the Non-Profit company we have set up working with the owners of the site, English Heritage and the local Council in establishing a dedicated Heritage Centre as part of the redevelopment of the overall site. All still work in progress I'm afraid but the final stages of the planning approval from the Council is almost there. As soon as we have this we have 15 months to get the centre sorted so busy times ahead! Anybody interested in visiting us they can as we currently conduct Airfield Tours on a pre booked basis from April - November. [see the attached Facebook link for those who want to see what we get up to] https://www.facebook.com/rafuhhc Anyways, I've just purchased a winch model RB44 for running around on the former base. I am new to the military Vehicle scene although always loved it, no doubt I will call on your expertise from time to time. Cheers Chris
  6. Hello Folks, I hope that someone can help me with some basic advice about repainting an RB44 which is presently in single colour desert paint. I'm thinking about re-painting the truck to restore it to how it originally was. It's pretty clear that under the desert sand colour the vehicle was originally drab green and matt black (just 2 colours? I can't be sure, there may be a third - unless it's just variability in the green that they used). You can actually see the outline of the patterns in the original 'camo' paint. Incidentally, I've only ever seen one other RB44 in anything but a single colour (green or sand) - so is this 'camo' version that I have unusual? Anyway, my specific questions are very basic: 1. Is there an actual definition of what comprises British Army green-based camouflage painting (how many colours are used, what colours are they,...)? 2. What paints do I use (what type of paint are they, where do I get them from...)? 3. What prep do I need to do to the existing paintwork (do I just lightly flat it down - it's already matt of course, or do I need some sort of priming...)? 4. I assume that I brush paint it (although the finish on the original green / black looks like it was sprayed) is that right? 5. Are there any guidelines for the camo patterns or the balance of each colour to include in the patterns, or is it all just rack of eye? 6. What else do I need to know??!! I seem to be an expert at asking numpty questions... Hope you don't mind! Cheers, Andrew.
  7. Hello Everyone, Some of you may recall my naïve postings several months back about getting an ex-Withams RB44 on the UK roads. Well, a steep learning curve and countless correspondences with DVLA, VOSA (and anyone else who would listen) later, I HAVE DONE IT! The RB is on the road - registered, plated, taxed and insured! And she's LOVELY And if I'd known what I know now, it would have been easy... But that's the nature of learning, eh??!! The process didn't go as I really wanted it to, for example despite presenting very clear and properly documented evidence to DVLA, I could not get exemption from VOSA testing. I intend to pursue this further. The good news is that the RB sailed through the test needing only a bulb. But, let's be honest, it's got <5000 miles on it since new, so there shouldn't have been too much wrong. Now for my question (I just hope it doesn't end up as being so clearly naïve as some of the ones that I was asking 5 months ago!!). The RB is obviously a truck, it's got a 4.0l Perkins 110MT Phaser in it. And I've driven a lot of 5-7 tonne trucks over the years. But this drives like nothing I've ever driven before!! It's sooooo FLAT. It's got so much grunt from tick-over, but there's just no boost available after changing up a gear. Every hill in Lancashire becomes a challenge, and if you're unlucky enough to have to start at the bottom in third, then you're stuck in third all of the way up. I've looked at the torque and power curves for the 110MT and they look more like they're designed for a boat engine than a truck. Apologies if I'm being rude to Perkins addicts! But the curves are as flat as flat things (to quote Black Adder). And this means that the RB is somewhat less than an inspiring drive! In fact it's like driving a canal barge - on the road..., except more noisy. So my question is simple: please does anyone know of a safe and straight forward way of persuading my beauty to be a little more spritely? With everything being mechanical, I'm assuming that concepts like remapping the injection are completely alien. I'm sure that there will be a fuel regulation screw on the pump, but I don't really want to start this game (unless it really is the right thing to do). I'd just like a nice, safe, sensible solution, which does not involve a new engine, or a bigger turbo etc., and which allows me to remove my sailor's hat when driving... I've got a feeling that I'm asking another naïve question...!!! Thanks in advance, Andrew.
  8. Hello Folks, Not wanting to run before I can walk (or even crawl!), and bearing in mind that I haven't even taken delivery of my new toy yet, I still can't resist asking about a winch for the front of it... So, it's a 1991 hard top FFR RB44, and as such does not come as standard with the winch-bumper that is fitted to many of the GS models. Not wanting to sound sacrilegious, but having used front-winch-mounted vehicles all my life, I really fancy a winch on the front of my new RB. Am I completely out of order :angel:? Or is it within the bounds of acceptability and, if so, where can I get one from? Cheers everyone, Andrew.
  9. Hello everyone, I just wanted to register my presence on the forum and to say that I look forwards to both contributing and receiving advice over the coming months. I've just purchased a 1991/2 Reynolds-Boughton RB44 Hardtop from Withams in the UK. Not cheap, I admit, but it was released from the MoD in April, has only 4000 miles on it, and is absolutely immaculate. I've attached a few photos taken at Witham's yard - the vehicle hasn't actually been delivered to me yet! So now the fun starts. All the best, Andrew.
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