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  1. That was a very interesting thread. I hadnt realised the plug could be stripped down like that. Thanks
  2. I managed to grab some spanner time over the weekend and took a few more photos. The handbrake is now freed up, a bit of oil and some wiggling was needed but the front wheels are binding still. Time has come to buy a new grease gun, mine gave up after two nipples so I then prepped the engine for removal. My engine crane will be at its limits for both load and reach to haul that lump out but with the bumper off it should "Just" fit through the gap with the gearbox still attached. Looks as though the steering box needs some TLC while I'm in there
  3. It has a Hercules JXLD which is a 5600cc straight six petrol. There is more than enough power from this engine and it does about 5 Mpg once it is up to speed. The very brave can start it on a handle which we did many times once the starter motor failed. I'm a bit too short to do it with any sort of style, I have to jump up and down to reach the top stroke of the starting handle circle. My friend is much taller but it misfired then kicked back at him and lifted him off the ground in a rather unexpected way, at least he wasn't planning to have any more kids
  4. I've had this a while but being made rendundant, starting up as a self employed IT consultant, getting Divorced, get married and having three more kids has eaten into my time for a few years. My truck sat in a museum for twenty odd years, ended up on Ebay in Conwy North Wales where I bought it, got painted and driven (thrashed mostly) all the way to Gibraltar where it sat by the sea for six months with failed starter motor, coil pack, dynamo and a missing valve seat. It moved to a relatives garage where it sat for six years while we argued back and forth about fixing it up or doing a diesel conversion. Now its back at my house for an engine rebuild of some description. Restoration is a slight misnomer, I want to restore it to good running order with sympathetic upgrades where necessary for things like headlights. It needs a bucket load of TLC, the grease gun is going to get a good work out and the brakes need freeing off so I can roll it about to extract the engine. When its running I will use it at least once for the school run, maybe twice as the boys are at different schools. Some before pictures More to follow as time/money permits.
  5. I just used CPL transport to move a vehicle, having got three quotes they were the only ones able to get it done at the right time and the right price. Sudden loss of storage space and having a lot of work on myself at the moment didnt give much flexibilty on time Have to admit I grinned when I saw their website showed them moving a Dinosaur. Give them a call on 01233 758126 Their website is here
  6. I might need a couple of goes at this, not used Flickr for photo hosting before. Tigger is home at last.
  7. Hi Liebster. Are these still sitting around in Malta ? http://www.maltashipphotos.com/productfile.asp?ProductID1=1396&PRODUCTCAT1=Yachts I think they were on Ebay a little while ago. Cheers Ian
  8. I think some of the Diamond T trucks use the same engine as my Dutch YA-328, a Hercules petrol JXLD. Any pointers to getting hold of a workshop manual for this engine ? I have found a couple of vintage scans online, in Dutch but I dont want to learn the Dutch for "Caution - This is a left hand thread" the expensive way. Happy to buy a hard copy if anybody has a manual they no longer need. Cheers Ian
  9. Hi, I have a 1956 Daf YA-328, had it for a number of years now but not used it for a good while. It apparently spent twenty odd years in a museum or exhibition somewhere and was bought with the idea of driving it through West Africa, beer was involved in all stages of decision making regarding purchase and preparation. When it arrived it looked like this in Green Then after deciding a trip through Africa in Military colours was not going to end well it turned Orange and Black I think its going back to Green shortly but I need to get it running again before attending to the cosmetic side.
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