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  1. Can anyone help locate engine parts for a dorman 4jo or even a 2jo I need a 2 cylinder block
  2. Does anyone out there have any parts or complete engine for a dorman 4jo for my ww1 pagefield model n
  3. can anyone tell me where this engine is and is it for sale because i am the person tom has mentioned that is missing one of the two cylinder blocks. many thanks robert
  4. it is no doubt a dorman 4jo getting fitted to a pagefield 4 ton truck
  5. I have got one of these trucks it is no doubt a ww1 pagefield will put up some pictures in the next week or so.
  6. Thanks for the welcome folks. Pictures will be following shortly.
  7. Howdy folks, My name is Robert and I own an engineering firm here in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. I own a Pagefield flatbed lorry from before WW1 and thought I'd join up. Cheers
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