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  1. champ69

    D Day

    thanks folks any answer on the 2nd part of the Q ?
  2. champ69

    D Day

    what does the D stand for ?? Arguement in the pub. Operation Overlord was NOT the actual invasion, it was the 'bit' after the landing.The operational name of the landing was ??? WAS it PLUTO (I know there was also Pipeline Under The Ocean. What was the LANDING called then (Bit like the Market garden thing. Market was the drop and Garden once they have landed)
  3. it was definately in France (somewhere)
  4. there is reams and reams of stuff on (primarily) land rover sites about A frames and what is il/legal. I used to tow on an A frame as well and relied onthe 'broken down' vehicle excuse, if I was to be stopped (never was). God it was almost lethal sometimes. It pays to look into the legalities of A frames (just in case !)
  5. does the army do EVERYTHING by Nos !! Turning 5000 wheels, better than spud peeling i suppose !
  6. In fact the guy on the right is Mike Stalwart and on the left is Simon McLelland who is racing in the top champ (was fitted with an SU I think -went like stink)
  7. nope, 2nd one was OK somehow. I remember the girlyfriend (soon to be wife) was not at all pleased as her suitcase was floating around in there ! Pic was at Broxhead Common in Surrey. The vehicle in front was Dominic Ballard's (worked - and still does - met him recently) for Mike Stalwart (nice name ah) of RR services great days
  8. 009s, it's HUGE and sideways !
  9. Test pic to see if this photobucket thing works ! Pic of me @ age 20 (now 53), with my 3rd champ - loved em all
  10. blimey, a Champ snorkel just laying around. I would have given my eye teeth for one of those as a kid. Bye the way - HI ! just found this site - excellant. How do you post pictures ?
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