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  1. Heard on the grapevine that the Army in Wales will be holding 'Exercise Pilgrims Progress' in South East Wales, using private land, during April 2015. Has anyone any idea what vehicles may be used/what to look out for ? Thanks Barrie
  2. Chris, Totally agree with you about the FV430 series at Usk Tank School But I think their T54 would qualify ! Was only trying to be helpful. Barrie
  3. Usk Tank School; Just off the M4 at Newport, S. Wales http://tankschool.co.uk/ Barrie
  4. Stu, Welcome ... What part of Wales ? Barrie. [Torfaen] GPW MUTT M201
  5. All, Thanks for the info. From what I can understand U.S. troops used orange coloured panels draped across their vehicles during the Normandy campaign. I was wondering if U.K. and Canadians used the same ? Barrie
  6. I believe that U.S. vehicles used orange air recognition panels during the Normandy campaign in WW11. Did the U.K. and Canadians use a similar panel on their vehicles ? If so, what size and colour ? Thanks, in anticipation, Barrie
  7. Morning All, On a rather damp South Wales morning, viewing Milweb I see that there is someone in Hungary reproducing the towed U.S. 37mm Gun M3, anti-tank gun. I was wondering if anyone had purchased one and what the quality/attention to detail was like? Regards, Barrie
  8. Try the South East Wales MVT and South Wales MVT Brecon Beacons falls in between the two areas. Not sure if anyone locally has a water bowser [?] Area secretaries details are on the MVT web-site. Barrie
  9. Can anyone help with an approximate year ? -Thanks, Barrie
  10. I have just purchased an AM-2060 on a MT-1029 mount to fit into the rear of my Ford M151A1. On the rear, passenger side, wing I already have a RT-246 on a MT-1029 mount connected to the vehicle electric supply and to an AS-1729 aerial/matching assembly. I hope to fit the AM-2060/PRC25/MT-1029 on the rear, driver’s side, wing. Am I correct in saying that the new MT-1029 connects to the existing MT-1029 using……. Cable Assembly, Power, Electrical CX-4721/VRC Which is a four pin male to four pin female. If so where can I get hold of such a cable?
  11. I don't know if other Amateurs have thought of a frequency/channel for use at War & Peace Revival? [Or am I being rather dull and missed a previous post ] If not, here's a suggestion, how's about 51.600 for the VHF sets, most older British have a calibration point at 51.600, and 433.600 for modern Amateur sets ? Any thoughts/observations ..........
  12. BarrieT

    Displaying VAT

    Yes; Had a similar experience with the afore mentioned company ! I just accepted it, perhaps I shouldn't have done........ Barrie.
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