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  1. Many thanks for the quick reply Richard, much appreciated. Simon
  2. Hello again everyone Can anyone ID this WW2 YMCA van, photographed in the Western Desert: https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/P08802.008/ Many thanks Simon
  3. Cheers Johnny, that's the one. Found another photo of an RAF one in India here, with a Matador refueller: Regards Simon
  4. Hello everyone Can anyone tell me what make this RAF refueller is? Many thanks, Simon
  5. Just to update the news on the Starfighter, the wreckage was cleared from the range last year by the RNLAF (Dutch Air Force). Seeing as it had been there since 1983, it seemed a bit strange. I did have the opportunity to visit the site a couple of years back while the Range was closed, and it was strange to walk over the brow of the hill and see a crashed plane in exactly the same place it had been for high on 30 years. As Steve says most of the plane was still visible, although the state of the large pieces show the effects of a low-level high speed crash. Simon
  6. Hello everyone Just a quick hello to all the existing members from a newbie in Northumberland (near Morpeth, to be precise). I'm mostly interested in Historic Aviation (sorry...!), but I'm also interested in Historic Military Vehicles too, so I hope that makes me a bit more acceptable...:angel: Cheers Simon
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