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  1. Thanks Dan, the whole underun bar issue is a nightmare in my opinion, more outlay, another retest fee, all for a truck which has done 5000 miles in the ten years I've own it. All seems a bit excessive, If I owned a pre 1984 Bedford it would not require the bars. Nonsensical, when oh when will some common sense be applied by the powers that be in relation to the vehicle preservation hobby? I fear the hobby is going to suffer as we are subjected to tighter EU regs year on year. I bought my truck from a truck Dealer in County Durham. Kevin Dixon Commercials, a real nice guy, I'd recommend him to anyone. Cheers Dava
  2. B&Q Water proofing liquid in 5L cans worked for my 9x9 and also my Bedford MJ tilt. Cheers Dava
  3. Can anyone help with detailed drawings of under run bars please and estimated cost of supply and fit? My 1987 Bedford MJ sailed through all aspects of it's MOT this week except the dreaded under run bars. Has anyone fitted side AND rear bars which are removable, I am being told by a local LGV repairer that the rear must be permanently attached. Obviously if we have to comply with this EU ruling I would prefer not to spoil the look of my vehicle and be able to remove the bars when on the show field. Any drawings, typical costs or information welcome. To complicate matters my truck is fitted with an ATLAS crane and outriggers. Thanks Gents.
  4. hi Andy, Mine is down plated as i don't have HGV, Your vehicles are great, the box looks like a real gem of a find. Cheers Dave
  5. Thanks Robin, Hopefully fixed now. Cheers Dave
  6. Secure covered storage required for my Bedford MJ in the North East / Teesside area. Anyone know of any? Needed from March 2012 onwards. Regards Dave
  7. Hello all, Dave Richardson, new to this site, but owned MV's for several years now. I own a Bedford MJ with Atlas Crane (ex RAF helicopter support RAF Benson) and also a Land Rover 110 Hardtop (Ex RAF Police). I spent 9 years in the RAF as Groundcrew on Tornado F3, served in Gulf War 1 and Bosnia. Both of my vehicles have "whisps" of Sand underneath the green so I suspect both have been out to the Gulf at some point. Both Vehicles were introduced into service in 1987, also the year I joined up. Looking for covered storage for the Bedford on Teesside as I lose my current lock up in March 2012! any ideas anyone??? Regards Dave
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