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  1. i'll check millweb.com i've already searched there yesterday, but only at dutch sellers... (where i live), it should be just easier... but hard to find to get unrestored bikes..
  2. Zooropa

    Clives Corner

    ah that's better, i'm just anxious to those links
  3. all of the links of Clives corner is no longer working, and needs to be fixed....
  4. but bro, you dont answer my question... and i dont know where to look for, is in holland a specialized military motorbike sellers??? so....
  5. after a long time being pushed by my brother, joris, i decided to search for a bike, my wishlist is a HD WLA liberator (but ofcourse, a BSA is welcome too ) but i have absolute no idea where to look for a unrestored bike (i wish to restore it myself , or with a little help from my friends ) for some unions it request that the vehichle must been built beween 1940 and 1945 so i'm looking for that buildingyears. is there anyone who can help me Karel
  6. YEAH! that was awesome! i notice that they broke down that wall for a bit... but not a lot differences since and now... great!
  7. great! when's the next time? tomorrow? :-D
  8. it would a nice place to visit and make a picture of it still looking for such picture
  9. a bit late reply, but can you perhaps post a picture like that (made at about same location or so, nowadays? at least, thanks
  10. thanks! i'll check that link! so far i dont have any questions left... perhaps later more... at last, thanks
  11. haha! i understand... then i'll speak to joris in real life
  12. thank you, 69x100 what about tinker, my dictionary didnt gave any other words for that... as like as the "waste"... my mistake.. hehe i think i go for BSA M20 (when i have money to buy one) now first gathering some useful informations like manuals.. my brother ever told me that he found a complete manual for his dodge on the internet. perhaps he knows where i have to look for a manual for BSA M20 and other useful things i already expected that the brakes and the clutch are swapped, just those mad englishmens... when i was on tour with that ww2 vehichles, i saw 2 different colors for BSA M20, the brittish green (dark green) and american green... what's color is the right one? or doesnt matter?
  13. Hello there, let's me introduce myself, I am the brother of Joris, and i am indeed infected, I'll gather some information (manuals books whatever..) and more important, saving some money to buy one... I am looking for a unrestored bike, because i own a brand new bike (Yamaha FZ6-S2 Fazer 600cc for those who want to know that)and using it for home - work traffic and i like to have a wwII bike to have fun with it (tinker and driving... you name it, i do it ) last weekend, when we had a break in our roundup with the WWII vehichles i watched those BSA M20 and some Harley Davidsons... those bikes are really beautiful and simple... (not saying about my Fazer... i wouldn't even tinker my Fazer...) btw, what's the waste of these bikes? (litre / distance ratio) (my Fazer does 1 / 18 but that's offtopic ) btw, dont blame my english, i am bad of hearing (and the english of dutch deaf peoples are usally horrible... )
  14. Joris, i thouht you told me that your dodge did 3km / litre caused by a leaking fuelpump, and that was without the ben hur... (my dad told me that at least...) btw, if you dont recognize me, i am your brother :-D
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