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  1. Military Vehicles Wanted for North Dorset VE Day Celebrations On VE Day 1945, Shaftesbury celebrated victory in Europe by parading through the High Street with flaming torches and dancing to music that came from a gramophone placed on the Town Hall balcony. This part of Shaftesbury was a focal point throughout the entire war with gas masks being distributed from the Town Hall and the air raid shelter being housed under the Post Office. To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, Shaftesbury is holding a very special event on Friday 8th May 2020. From 4pm, the High Street will be filled with music, this time from a stage erected outside the Town Hall. Songs of the period will feature heavily, and once darkness begins to fall, an aerobatic pyrotechnic display will commence. This display is not something to be forgotten as pyrotechnics are launched directly from two planes flying as low as 1000ft. Various stage acts will appear throughout the evening and we’ll be joined by a WW2 veteran who may share a few words. One guest witnessed the original VE Day celebrations at just 10 years of age and it’s hoped we can make the 75th Anniversary equally as memorable. I’m an MVT member and I asked the organising committee if they’d like a couple of WW2 vehicles, my BSA M20 and MB Jeep. The committee would like as many period vehicles as possible and I said I’d spread the word and help arrange vehicle/reenactor entry for the event. With the event beginning at 4pm, vehicle arrival is likely to be before 3pm and the final stage act finishes at 11pm. Should vehicles need to depart before this time, we can plan accordingly, but I’m told that celebrations in 1945 went on into the early hours! Feel free to get in touch for questions and/or a booking form. The event is completely free of charge and it would be great to see you there. My email address is lee@leedavey.co.uk All the best, Lee Davey.
  2. Thanks Jenkinov. I hadn't spotted that story and it's good to read such a personal account. I wonder how many waterproofing locations there were? I found this on YouTube which shows how some of the minor vehicle seams were dealt with
  3. With the help of my father's WW2 service record, I'm putting a list of locations together that I'm hoping my 10-year-old son & I can follow. My dad was stationed at OCTU in Wrotham where he taught officer candidates hot to ride motorcycles and drive Jeeps, Trucks, etc. During the D-Day build-up, he was convoying vehicles to various waterproofing stations and to build-up areas, but was knocked off his bike by a lorry and discharged unfit later in the year. I'm wondering if anyone could summise a possible route the convoy may have taken from Wrotham/Leigh on Sea as well as any waterproofing stations that may still remain? I think I heard a rumour about a Sherman waterproofing area near Wareham that still had some concrete structure visible? I don't know if this is true, or where it is, but any help will be gratefully received. Thanks, Lee
  4. I had to catch my ferry after Bayeux so the trip to Tilly was missed this time. The young lad certainly looked the part in his Para uniform and top marks for the trip to Tilly! I was impressed by his peddling through the hilly part of Bayeux and had no idea he was warming up for another 20 mile round trip.
  5. Thanks Ron, I've sent Frank an email. There was a young lad in the Bayeux Parade on a Parabike with a frame-mounted bag and I've never seen a folding bicycle being peddled so quickly up a hill. He stormed past all the motorcycles!
  6. After spotting a BSA Folding Bicycle that had a canvas bag mounted inside the frame, I thought I'd start looking for one. Solomon Adler list them at £55 + postage but I've emailed them and had no reply. Battledress and Bayonet list the same thing from Solomon Adler at £95 + postage! Can anyone steer me in the right direction for such a bag?
  7. Brittany Ferries helped my budget when I booked. A. £25 deposit secured my spot with the balance payable next year. I booked a few weeks ago and had a good choice of sailings on the Poole-Cherbourg route.
  8. Anyone else going on Saturday? Ill be there with the kids and a '45 MB.
  9. Thanks for the advice. Projects usually end up breaking the budget but I'd better start saving for the initial purchase. If you hear of one that needs a good home, feel free to PM me. Thanks again, Lee.
  10. Although I'd prefer a Brit truck, a Canadian 15cwt Ford made £5000 on eBay (item no 251325597183). Is this the sort of figure Fords sell for and, if so, are the British trucks commanding more money? Is the 70th anniversary boosting prices?
  11. Thanks chaps. Any idea what sort of budget I'd need for a reasonably complete example that mainly needs cosmetic work?
  12. After bumping into a few MVT'ers with a Morris, Bedford and Austin (15cwt trucks?) it's got my brain ticking about the possibility of owning a wartime lorry. But, my (limited) knowledge only stretches to motorcycles at the mo and I wondered if anyone could steer me in the direction of which make/model to look for in terms of price, spares availability, etc. My only criteria at the mo is that it should be a British vehicle and of a similar size to an MW, etc. Thanks in advance, Lee.
  13. Thanks Ian. Ill double-check my plans for that weekend and send 'em an email if we're free. Just need to get the jeep finished....
  14. Being fairly new to the military vehicle scene, I wondered if anyone can recommend family-friendly, must-see shows not too far from Dorset? I have a '44 BSA M20 and a '45 Willys Jeep and can attend with either or leave them at home and enjoy the scenery. Thanks, Lee.
  15. A friend of mine is REME and he asked the historian if he could shed any light on Auxiliary Workshops as my M20 has a plate with B198 on it. Sadly, as mentioned in an earlier post, their list is full of holes. If anyone knows anything I'd love to hear it, as would the REME museum.
  16. Just spotted this event and could be a good day-out in the Jeep as long as its running. Anyone been before?
  17. Sadly, it looks as though Health & Safety strikes again. Southsea isn't too far from me so I sent them an email about my bike - below is part of the reply: "Although your motorcycle sounds fantastic, we tend to discourage people from bring vehicles along to Roadshows. While they are undoubtedly fascinating and beautiful things, the nature of the Roadshow and the logistics of its organisation create difficulties when bringing vehicles on the day, alongside health and safety considerations they give rise to." I guess their Health & Safety assessment was carried-out after watching the Great Escape!
  18. A lovely looking Jeep Lord Burley, doubly-so with it being a 1989 resto. Ill be chuffed if mine looks half as good.
  19. Thanks fellas, much appreciated.
  20. I've already got some Chromadex light olive drab which is semi-sheen. What are your thoughts on a couple of coats of Chromadex for protection followed by a coat of Matt 1?
  21. Thanks fellas. What's the difference between Mix 1 and Matt 1?
  22. Is anyone familiar with Tony Sudds Army Green? I spoke to Warpaint about some paint for my 1945 Willys Jeep and it was recommended. Just wondered if anyone has a photo of this colour and whether its suitable?
  23. Thanks fellas, It looks like I've got some serious saving to do. After riding with a Hellcat at A&E whilst I was on my BSA I looked at the Milweb ad with great interest but $404k is a large chunk of money. Lovely tank though
  24. Thanks fellas, I think I'll use the eggshell stuff as a barrier and ask Warpaint about a suitable topcoat. Good work!
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