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  1. Hi everyone. I'm Tony. It seems I registered 5 years ago then hid! I have been fascinated by military vehicles, predominantly softskin, since I was a lad, but apart from models and kits, that's as far as it has ever gone. I'm a bit fickle though, as I'm also interested in steam railways, traction engines and boats, but apart from a couple of plastic cruisers that have come and gone, I don't have any of those either, other than models! I was offered a Humber Heavy Utility 'Box' for £100 as I recall, at a steam fair in Lancashire in the 70s. Oh how I wanted it, but 'er indoors would have none of it. I don't have 'er indoors now either! It's still one of my favourite vehicles, but I no longer have the space, health or money to contemplate owning a real one. Anyway, I have been lurking, and for any Humber enthusiasts, here's a strange bit of film from You Tube. I can't make up my mind whether it's a postwar civilian version or a hybrid, but those front hubs look quite unusual.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm Tony and although I don't have any 1:1 scale military vehicles, I've been interested in them from childhood. I have a few diecasts and kits, but the closest I have ever come to owning a real one was when I was offered a roadworthy Humber Heavy Utility in the 80s for the princely sum of £100! Unfortunately, my missus (now my ex missus) vetoed the purchase and I've regretted it ever since! It seems unlikely that I'll ever own one now as my financial circumstances are considerably reduced, but it's fascinating to read of other peoples efforts to keep these wonderful machines on the road. It seems ironic that the vehicles, once so numerous and sold off so cheaply, are now highly valued and it's good to see that those coming out of service now are being bought up and preserved. Keep up the good work and long may it continue! Thank you all.
  3. I was offered one of these in roadworthy condition in the early 80s, for £100 as I recall, at a steam? rally in Cheshire. Her indoors would have none of it and I've regretted it ever since!
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