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  1. I have a coventry climax 4 cylinder air cooled genset 6kva. The set is trailer mounted. I am trying to find a manual or a copy of one. if anyone can help that would be appreciated.
  2. If anybody can help I am trying to track down this bus that i worked on back in June 2010. Thanks Howard.
  3. Hello Tony Thanks for the heads up, but I wont have any customs to pay. Howard
  4. Many Thanks just bought one.
  5. Wanted. Electric roof vent fan for WC54. please PM me. Thanks Howard
  6. HWade

    American Canvas

    HelloThanks for the offer, no I need it to produce a hood. Thanks.
  7. HWade

    American Canvas

    Can someone help please I am trying to find a supplier of American Canvas, I am quite happy to import if I have to. Thank Howard
  8. Hello I am after a window winder handle for a GMC Closed cab please. Thanks Howard
  9. Yes quite right i do have one here, and there were actually 3 types of body there was a radio body that had a side entrance doors, see if i can dig out some pics, I only know of one of those bodys and its in Suffolk. The 3 window as NOS has said is the post war version built by the Swiss. Hope this helps. Howard
  10. Hello Wally Thanks for that I am after the size of the US Army generals, sure I will find it. Thanks Howard.
  11. Can any body help me locate the gold stars that fix to a red maker plate on a generals staff car. Does any body know the size of the plate, this I can make but its the Stars I am having trouble finding. Thanks in advance Howard.
  12. Sunday I met up with friends who all happen to be Dodge WC53 Carryalls, we all managed to get together and convoy over to a suffolk village of Lavenham home to the 487th Bombardment. We all met up on route and landed in the market square for 9am. Its proberly a very rare sight to see this number of WC53s together so heres a couple of pics. Some of you may have seen these on facebook.
  13. Hello steve Thank you for those kind words, sorry i didnt reply sooner, but i have been rather busy. But please feel welcome to get in touch and visit the workshop. Howard
  14. Thanks for the information gents. Howatd
  15. Does any body know of a starter motor that will fit a WC dodge engine fitted with a electric solenoid for push button or key start. I want to do away with foot pedal start. Thanks Howard
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