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  1. Resurrecting this after a year - bought a very similar one and managed to bring it back to life last week. Slightly different pipework than pictured underneath the instrument panel, and a different design of the pump trailer, probably a bit later one. The pump still shows a FSM serial number though. Must investigate if the factory records are somehow still preserved. I assume if the factory was bought by Jaguar Cars, it might be part of some kind of a heritage collection.
  2. Thank you, much appreciated, I've downloaded and printed the manual, very helpful.
  3. Here's my contribution to this interesting topic - a FSM Godiva fire pump trailer planned to complement my Series Land-Rovers. Not overly fussed about the colour, but will probably leave it in rust-speckled orange-red and call it "patina you can't buy" The Lucas magneto had to be refurbished to give the right spark, but after some fettling the engine was successfully brought to life. Need to clean up the petrol tank as it has some ugly goo at the bottom. Does anyone have a FSM Godiva manual they would be willing to scan? Here's a video of Godiva's return to the land of the living:
  4. Two interesting pictures of a Scammell Explorer 94BD27 trundling a lot some seriously potholed Libyan road:-) http://www.arborfield-september49ers.co.uk/libya-extras-04.htm Some more info regarding the pre-Suez Crisis deployment & build up in Libya can be found here: http://www.arborfield-september49ers.co.uk/libya-extras-03.htm
  5. Two photos with an Explorer in the background taken in Aden, the source is Guns & Rovers here: http://gunsandrovers.yuku.com/topic/4993/Soime-cool-pics-Aden-Radfan-etc-ca-1967?page=1
  6. One more here: http://public.fotki.com/Scottishtruckphotos/scottish-trucks/scottish_recovery_trucks/centralgaragekylero/
  7. Some more can be found here: http://www.angelfire.com/ky/KyleAFC/photo.html http://www.angelfire.com/ky/KyleAFC/accident2.html Including a few other period photos of SJS 920M recovering many different vehicles Pure magic! I'd love to find out so many pics of my old landy like this, got only two from 1960
  8. Not sure if this has been posted before - the photo comes from the Miliblog.co.uk website: The URL link: http://miliblog.co.uk/, Scammell-related link: http://miliblog.co.uk/?cat=70&nggpage=6 A few other interesting photos can be found there, too
  9. There's two of them, actually, male and female, both love the Land-Rover as they both know the trip will be to somewhere where it smells all mouse/game/hare etc.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. The most frustrating thing with all those Scammell classifieds that I've looked at in the past few days is that the price I paid for my (admittedly very decent) Land-Rover could easily buy me a running Scammell Explorer and I'd still have money for a half-full fuel tank... The problem is getting together the same amount of money twice, let's see:cool2:
  11. Hello from the Czech Republic! Got round to this forum due to my newest obsession with all things Scammell, but my current vehicle is of a much lighter type "Bernie" is an ex-Swiss Army 1960 Land-Rover Series II 88" petrol-engined soft-top. It was bought in 2007 and driven to the Czech Republic under its own power, which I still believe was more than a bit insane considering the fact I had never driven anything this before and on the motorways we were slower than the lorries, i.e. a target of mockery and silent car-to-car insults and various impolite gestures:D A few photos of Bernie before I get immersed in the Scammell Explorer threads again:nut:
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