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  1. Thanks for the link. There is something similar on there so I'll give them a call after the hols.
  2. The girder forks on a 1929 J.A.P engined Husky I'm restoring are equipped with little brass flip top oil dashpots but some are missing. The thread is 1/4" BSW & the cylindrical body is about 0.3" x 0.3" with a spring loaded lid on the top stamped DRGM. Any ideas on where to find something similar?
  3. Just for reference in case anyone else has the same problem, this is the answer, a circular piece of 15 thou shim steel; Also note the valve body should be fitted the opposite way up than in the 1st pic!
  4. Some pics of the valve with missing internals;
  5. It is a motorcycle engine with external oil tank, pressure fed total loss system from an adjustable flow Best & Lloyd oil pump into the crankcase. The problem seems to stem from the lack of internals in the little valve where it externally feeds into the crankcase. Ideally I need to know what the internal components of this valve are, and their orientation.
  6. I am restoring a 1929 J.A.P 250 sidevalve engine which had previously seized its piston due to lack of oil. I believe overnight the oil would flow into the crankcase, giving the illusion of too much oil, so the pump was turned down, but as soon as it had used up this excess oil it then got starved. Where the oil externally enters the crankcase there is a small valve body, but when I looked inside there were no parts in there. From an old parts list I can see that there should be a single ball bearing, but I can't see anything else listed, and was wondering if there was usually a spring, to hold the ball bearing against the bottom seat, or maybe it might even be held against the top, like a one way valve?
  7. Hello Ron, thats looking good. Especially like the petrol/oil tank, might try this too if I can source one as it looks like it makes the rear exhaust pipe route much easier as you don't have to clear the original oil tank. I only have teles on my frame at the moment but hoping to pick some girders up one day. Have put location in my profile now. Looks like I will have to build my bike with the M21 engine to get an age related number plate, then change to the Indian engine once this has been procured, unless anyone knows of an easier route, as I have no documents for the bike at the moment. Should have all the 741 engine parts ready to build up soon, just working on a belt primary that can be swapped from one engine to the other. Got a BSA belt drive crank sprocket & Triumph clutch basket thats been converted to belt drive, need to obtain internals to mate it to the M21 gearbox then should be able to assemble the bike in M21 form for now. Will get some pics soon.
  8. Hi Ron, I am also building a 741 engined M20(1!) so would be very interested to hear how you are getting on with yours.
  9. Hello all, I'm from Shropshire & have a keen interest in old motorcycles & most things ancient. Got an Indian 741 engined BSA M21 project on the go at the moment & came across this forum while seaching the internet for info. Also have a 2CV engined Ural for my sins but thats another story. Hoping to chat with you soon. Windy
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