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  1. clansman dexion rack

    Hi Can somebody tell me please if the clansman dexion rack for a GS landrover can be fitted within a Hard top in a LWB series 3 land rover. I cannot seem to find any pictures of how it will fit. Was it just made for canvas covered land rovers. Any help/pictures will be fantastic thanks in advance
  2. Hi Everone I hope someone will be able to tell me what may have been placed/attached to these holes directly behind the doors on a landrover 109 series 3. It has been used by the army but It also has had 8 owners in civvi life. they are on both sides. Thanks for any help.
  3. Land rover paint code 72 + hitch colour

    Thanks again, great link.
  4. Land rover paint code 72 + hitch colour

    Brilliant info,Thanks very much thats been a great help
  5. Land rover paint code 72 + hitch colour

    Brilliant info,Thanks very much thats been a great help
  6. Hi every one I would like some help please on my paint code for my landrover. On the service card it say colour code 72 and scrapping threw the layers it has had nato green and bronze green from the factory. I cannot seem to find any refrence to the colour numbered 72. Also are the nato tow hitches ment to be red as I cannot understand why they should be. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Thanks, Just happens I was at bovington last weekend wondering about the wheels. regards
  8. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Can someone please explian the reason for the circles in the road wheel tyres Thanks
  9. Land rover 109 CL possible role

    Yes Richard you are correct I have misread the b card and it does say(RE diving) cant belive I have been misreading it. Glad I posted it under I may be stupid.
  10. Hi Everyone I would like some advice please on my 109 CL as to identifing other roles it may have played in its army life. The b card has it at the RE driving ESTB RSME 10 years service but I was wondering if it could have been used for bomb disposal or similar role as I has some parts that would relate to having alternating horns (has 3 horns) and maybe a flashing beacon. It has sliding side windows in the rear panels and looks like it may have had shelving. I understand that these could have been added buy any of its 9 civilian owners but I would be interested in knowing if they are military specification parts. I would be greatful for any advice as I would like to restore to its military role. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for your advice very helpful.
  12. Hi can someone please help buy telling me the sizes of the brake connectors from the brake master cylinder as they are both different with the one at the end when attached being larger a part number or link would be much appreciated (for the larger one). Thanks in advance
  13. help with landrover markings

    Thanks 10fm68 brillant decipher of the b card and for the information. I will take a look at the RE website and try to rub of some paint to see if it is an E. Thanks again to every one for your help.
  14. help with landrover markings

    Thanks everyone, Great help.I will try and have the badge made again as I quite like it. And thanks about the CL as I had belived that it ment commercial logistics and had read this on the internet. I have added a copy of the B card for those interested.
  15. Hi I have a landrover (commercial logistics) and would like help identifing the unit markings. the letters are R E D I and the vehicle was used RE driving ESTB RSME stated on B card. If anyone has I picture of the badge that is suitable for scanning I would be grateful as I would like to have a reproduction made.