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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303254897550
  2. Going to have new gaskets made up. We have a spare engine that's missing a few bits! Need to find somebody who has spares for these.
  3. Hi, Anyone know where I can get a gasket set for M5 HST? Continental R6572 I believe! Chris
  4. Is that the fuel tank on the bulkhead behind the engine? Chris
  5. My carrier is in this months CMV! Second time this year:) Still for sale, but I am enjoying carrier ownership. Chris
  6. Hi can anyone ID this gearbox? Was told it maybe sherman. Chris
  7. I found these Radar sets when visiting Buenos Aries. Can anyone identify what they are? They are defo British made! I thought they may be Bofors directors? Chris
  8. Hi, If you let me have some details re Cletrac track and I will ask! Regards Chris
  9. The factory in Argentina are willing to start making the tracks again! I am just waiting for a price. They still have the moulds. They are willing to make tracks for other vehicles as well, definitely Sherman and possibly Universal carrier as well. The Argentines used Halftracks, Sherman's and T-16's for many years. This is the factory that supplied the Army with there tracks. Regards Chris
  10. Hi, I have been onto the factory in Argentina who used to make the tracks for the Army. They believe they still have the moulds, they are going to check. They would obviously have to make a few pairs to make it worthwhile, but may be cost effective! I will keep people informed. Regards Chris
  11. Went for a test drive today! Runs lovely.
  12. The Ariel is now running and driving! Going to take it to YWE along with T-16 and Dingo. Chris
  13. Hi, I don't have a picture of the speedo! I need to make one myself. I think it may be a two piece item for the Ariel! Chris
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