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  1. Hi Alastair , just wondering if you know what a complete Loyd carrier weighs ? I have been trying to drag one home over here in oz and need a rough idea of weight for the tilt tray operator . cheers James
  2. Hi Don , it would be good to meet you and have a chin wag . Dont know if its any help for the Diamond T resto ,probably not seeing as your nearly done but i have a Maintenance manual for the 981 . you probably have one but if you dont sing out and i will see if i can get this one copied for you . I have been through Willaura quite few times my father owns a few thousand acres up at Laharum and i spend a fair bit of time driving round the western district looking for old military vehicles and trucks . cheers James
  3. Hi Don , Welcome to the forum , i am looking forward to seeing the restoration photos . I live just down the road a bit from you , i am in miners rest near ballarat cheers James
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome , and yes i like a good challenge my wife thinks i am mad though Enigma its a kind of scrapyard just not a commercial one . Heres a few other photos from the same place to wet your appetitie .
  5. Hello to everyone , My names James and i live in a small town called Miners rest which is in Victoria,Australia . I am in the middle of a restoration of a Ford F15A CMP or Blitz as we call them down here and i am hoping to recover a Lloyd Carrier and a Matilda in the next few months . The blitz is a lot further ahead than the photos , i keep forgetting to take new progress photos :embarrassed: Blitz Matilda Lloyd cheers James
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