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  1. http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/mirrorinvestigates/penman/march2007/toyguns.htm
  2. I dont know why you guys dont get some proper kit and leave the radio control stuff to the modellers.
  3. Ah, so you're leaving it up there for Beltring ?
  4. A positive attitude mate...It's a catalyst...a spark that creates extraordinary results - you should lead your life by it.
  5. Tut Tut....wont have you talk about Jacks ring like that.
  6. Here is some math; War IS Hell. Remember : A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes.
  7. SWR is "Standing Wave Ratio" think of it as aerial efficiency. There should be instructions with it to confirm you tune your aerial to a "null" or "peak" to maximise performance. Once tuned the SWR meter is not necesssary and can be removed.
  8. No... No... No..... 1051 was the number built, not the going rate.
  9. Now why did I say that when I meant 1,051.
  10. Not bad for one of only 159 ? built.
  11. See,... I said the big round bit went at the top.
  12. There was 6 different types in all. The M36 set up, was supported by three poles and was "free standing" over the canvas top, independant of the cargo bed. The M23 and later M37 (in its 4 different versions) had two steel square sections for uprights with gussets in the underside corners, and was "attatched" to the front end of the cargo bed. The actual ring (M49) was used on all configurations but the ring support structure varied, between 352, 353 and wood or steel cabs and / or bodies. There were of course field mods from salvaged kit, but we're talking factory fit here. I'd post some pictures for you but regret I dont have a hose at the moment.
  13. Will it look something like this when fitted? Hope not , thats a 37 set up ....for a 353 steel cab or 353 tanker body !
  14. Did they deliver any instructions too? Well I can tell you the big round bit goes at the top! Its a start.
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4183467.stm
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