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  1. You would have to machine/ mill the left side flat and add 4 bolt holes. Then the mount would be cobbled and very hard to restore. I have a spare late cradle (not for sale) and can provide pictures if asked. The trays are fairly easy to find. The link provided earlier apparently has both (but they tend to be expensive there). I got my late tray a few years ago for 30 or 40$ US at the Gilbert PA swap meet. Mounts seem to run 100-350 depending on condition and how complete they are. The pins are avail on ebay. I just got the 9/16" front pin assy #7070292, nos, for 23$+ 2$. If you look around you can find deals on the correct pins.
  2. M23 Equilibrator .50 Cal Mount US GI tray, early M23 tray, late https://www.bmgparts.com/products/BasketorTray.jpg source https://www.bmgparts.com/ M23 cradle parts (attached)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Cadillac Gage V-100 factory parts manual, part #101927, .pdf, 79MB, 260 pages. Suggested view - set to single page, zoom set to fit visible.
  4. jimk


    Sorry about the slow reply. I did not see your question until today. The trailer is a commercial 10 ton Talbert w/ electric brakes. The frame is the same as their 20 ton and looks very strong. The axles/ e-brakes are Dexter. The e-brakes are a disappointment. I rebuilt them and still seem weak. The data plate allows for 11 tons if speed is under 50mph. The Stalwart is at the 11t max capacity. I put on 8 new tires, load range e or f. They are near the max rating on the sidewall. I will not drive the loaded trailer my asphalt driveway. Trailer feels safe but I would much rather have air brakes. Rear axles are near rear pf trailer. The weight distribution is perfect with the rear engine Stalwart.
  5. jimk

    Pratt & Whitney R-4360

    Let's assume we find a way to blow 250 mph -20*F air over the cylinder heads. The mug on the Stalwart isn't very hydrodynamic so I'd guess 20 mph might be a realistic top speed, fully loaded. With petrol consumption around 6 gallons per minute and 3 minutes to go one mile we're talking about 18 gallons per mile. Since the marine cargo load is 4 metric tons, half of which will be used for the engine and mechanicals, we have room for 2 tons of fuel. At 7 lbs per gallon we'll have 628.5 gallons for a range of 34.9 miles. The required fuel is 115/145 PN is not available today but we can use 100LL avgas and add 3 grams of lead per gallon. Quick look shows aviation 100LL at about $6.38 gallon here in the Northeast US (cheap by your standards) for $4009.83 dollars to go the 34.9 miles. This cost does not including the cost of the lead, or oil. I don't know where to buy tetraethyl lead so I just looked on ebay. No luck... Then there's the muffler problem. And we'll need a decent fire extinguisher. ps I always use petrol/ tyre when talking about a British vehicle.
  6. jimk

    Pratt & Whitney R-4360

    Engine- about 3811 lbs prop hub- maybe 100 lbs motor mount- maybe 250 lbs
  7. jimk

    Pratt & Whitney R-4360

    No, but I'd like to find one. I was having lunch at the diner yesterday, with pal Dave, after putting the Stalwart away (after a local truck show). He was telling me that I should find someone, that a team has many benefits, how his new-ish wife likes to cook, just for the sake of cooking.... Somewhere along the line I joked, "I need to find a girl that likes sandblasting (the inside of the v100 a soon to be nasty summer task). He laughed then said, "you'll find her but she'll probably like women". Soo, the turret is a T50 or something. The Aussies used them on the 113 too. The over-spray slowly fades away. It made a mess on the GTO which was quite a way away in another room. It was heavier than usual. The paint did not hide well. had to get another 1/2 gal (5 qts total). Maybe 6 coats. The green should be a little more drab... Nice design on the mount. Poetry if you like to fabricate. Chrome-molybdenum allo tubes. They have very thin walls. The parts that stick out are for cowl flaps. The lower 2 frame mount holes came out 1/2" too narrow. That was better than expected and I thought it'd surely give a bit. I thought wrong. It put up a fight even w/ monster ratchet tie downs fighting for more than they were designed for. I may go back and egg out each hole 1/4". Very rigid. Sorta like some guy's wives. Hope to to hang the engine next week or two. Afterwards it may be a long time before I return to this project. Started an album for the 4360 project. Added photos above and others. I'll add 2 of them here. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/album.php?albumid=743
  8. jimk

    Pratt & Whitney R-4360

    Engine stand is 7'9" tall and about 17-1/2' ft long. The motor mount would normally bolt to the wing spar with just 4 bolts. Hopefully next month I'll use the Stalwart to mount engine. Torsion axles should lower trailer 4 inches.
  9. Greetings all, I thought a few here might enjoy photos of my 1969 V100 project. Figure the album is lower profile than a thread. Some photos are resent, some old, some are before I got it when it was being used as a movie/tv prop. For details hold cursor over photo... http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/album.php?do=editpictures&albumid=715 Also, the thread for my 4360 engine project. Nothing new. Sadly, I was unable to find time to paint stand this year. Installing the engine w/Stalwart should make for a interesting photo next spring. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?38657-Pratt-amp-Whitney-R-4360&p=373229#post373229
  10. jimk

    Pratt & Whitney R-4360

    Installing a dynafocal motor mount. More parts picked up at Anderson Areomotive in Idaho last Nov. These also act as vibration isolators. Forged(?) steel, they weigh about 100 lbs for all 7. Seems heavy for an aircraft part, yet the engine is retained by just those 7 circle clips. Photo 2- Spare nose case. Planetary gear reduction is 3.75:1. When you see engines cranking over very slowly on start-up it's just the prop that's slow. At max engine top speed (2700 rpm) the prop is turning 720 rpm. The shaft on left is supported by the inside front end of the crankshaft. Otherwise, media blasted the rest of the stand Friday. Primer is done. Now for the top coat... Yes, and Wasp Major. It is more engine stand at this point. Something to make it easier to work on and move around. In time I plan to put a pair of 3500# torsion axles under it. It'll need some suspension to mover it more than a few miles. I'd like to display it someday but there aren't too many venues that it fits into. Maybe the hot rod hangout some Sat night. Those guy's think the have so much power, Yes, I was there back in the day. Very nice to cross paths again, Howard. Jim
  11. Greetings, Photos of my aircraft engine project. Current focus is on the engine stand but the goal is to start it. The engine is a R-4360-63A off an Air Force Globemaster II. Displacement is 4,360 cu inch. Rated power at 3,800. It was made around 1954. The motor mount is KC97, something I got it in Idaho last Nov. The picture of the partial engine/stand is one of the parts donor there. Trailer is 7-1/2' tall and 16' long. Frame is 6' wide made mostly of 3/8 wall material. The top cross member/oil tank (15 gal) is 1/4 wall. The frame right side is for fuel. The bottom gussets will be battery trays. The axle is old mobile home. That may get swapped for a pair of torsion axles later. Current weight is about 1600 lbs. Paint comes next. Then use the Stalwart to mount it (maybe in a few weeks). After that it will get set aside as I really need to be working on the V. Below are notes. The top 2 sections may become lettering on the sides. Jim ---------- Pratt & Whitney R-4360-63A Cylinders- 28 Displacement- 4,362 cu/in Horsepower- 3,800 HP @ 2,700 rpm Torque- 7,391 lb ft @ 2,700 rpm Weight- 3,811 lb Bore- 5.75 in. Stroke- 6.00 in. Compression ratio- 6.7: 1 Supercharger-single stage variable speed ADI (Water Alchohol Injection) ---------- R-4360 applications------- Boeing 377 Stratocruiser (civilian/ commercial) B-50 Superfortress C-97 Stratofreighter KC-97 Stratotanker Convair B-36 Peacemaker Douglas C-74 Globemaster C-124 Globemaster II (this engine) TB2D Skypirate Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar Goodyear F2G Super Corsair Hughes H-4 Hercules (Spruce Goose), XF-11 Martin AM Mauler, JRM Mars, P4M Mercator Northrop B-35 Republic XP-72 (prototype P-47 upgrade) XF-12 Rainbow (prototype) Aero Spacelines Mini Guppy/ Pregnant Guppy Total number of engines manufactured- 18,697 R-4360 power airplanes currently flying- 0 Racing airplanes repowered w/R-4360 flying- 2 ----misc------ (Race planes re-powered w/4360- Furias and Dreadnought, both Hawker Sea Fury's) Airframe projects- 2 (C-97 Berlin Airlift Museum, KC-97 ex-waterbomber) Fuel consumption- 7-8 gallons/ min (takeoff power), gal/ hr- 420 gal (wet), 500 gal (dry) Propeller diameter 16-19' A.K.A- Wasp Major -53's, -59's and -63's were manufactured by Ford Motor Co. 1953-1955 56 spark plugs
  12. If you are already using all available fuel the only thing a turbo will do is quiet things down and lower EGT. If you turn up the IP you'll see the power and EGT increase. Change is very linear and RPM dependent. After just 2 adjustments you should be able to predict what additional IP changes will get you. The highest EGT usually occur at lower RPM's (because air flow is lower). I have found that 13psi@ 2500rpm is EGT safe when towing max loads (w/the newer style head gaskets).
  13. You'll like the turbo. It will clean up the smoke and add power depending on how you adjust the pump. 20-30% more power seems to be safe. I had to turn my pump down ~2-1/2 turns (after adding a turbo) to get to that level. Currently there is a whistler on one of big on-line auction sites, though 275$US seems a bit high. Deals pop up from time to time. I paid $100US for a healthy non-whistler(D type) that was on e-bay a few years back. It came with some needed bits like the exhaust coupler and oil line. The j pipe can be found new. There are clean air kits w/o turbo that have most of what you'll need. I think those do not include the manifold adapter. The kits are at local swap meets here for around 250$US. Try the SteelSoldiers classified ad section.
  14. Mine in earlier times. I don't know if it is proof but it had a metal service tag loose in the punt that said 'Rhine' something.
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