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  1. I live 8 miles away from Beltring and it's currently thunder/ lightning and torrential rain here - waters running into the pub!!! Im starting to wonder if this is going to be worth it - restricted movement etc is no fun tbh
  2. Doesn't this mean that there will be even less arena runs for vehicles? It was bad enough last year ....
  3. thats great thanks Richard - I will stop my search now! cheers Mark B
  4. Hi Just been sorting out the fox for the bunker bash and im still trying to find a second dipstick on the transfer box - the one on top just next to the turret swivel is easy to find but on the diagram on my manual there is a second one marked on the side of the transmission? Despite getting all the floor plates off I still cant locate and second dipstick on any part of the machinery under the turret floor plates.. Does anyone know where or if there should be a second filler under the floor plates somewhere? cheers Mark b
  5. It certainly looked good Jon but I think your price expectations may be a tad high for my budget! looks great tho - i do like those trucks as well - bees knees as they say
  6. Hi Good selection of replies with different views - thanks for this - it doesnt sound too daunting but as ever a good condition one is going to be alot eadier to run I guess max miles a year for me is 250 if that Perhaps a final point is that at least there are spares for the CVRT - Fox parts are becoming very difficult to get hold of cheers Mark b
  7. ok but the same could be said of a fox? theres no new gearboxes at all , Ive had to replace a complete hub assembley due to the knocking sound etc so the fox aint great either - I agree with road wheels and track expenditure but if they are in a good condition when bought then there shouldnt be too many problems? I dont have a spare engine fif the fox so do rhey wear out so quickly on a CVRT? Would not the samd be true if a 432?
  8. Hi As you may know I currently have a Fox CVRW but have always aimed at getting a CVRT - there are a number available and Im assuming there will be more in the winter - engine wise I think Im ok to check but what else should I look for in terms of problems with the CVRT? - final drive is something Ive heard of sorry bit of a large topic but I havent found much on any checks to do for the cvrt any thoughts let me know cheers Mark B
  9. Hi, Its not the expense thats the problem - its more the timing - I was supposed to bring the Fox down this weekend and I dont think the filter will arrive in time so was hoping instant gasket would work for now - I have dowty washers which I think will work as well as a copper one or is this not the case? cheers Mark
  10. Hi, Lee and I both noticed a leak on the Fox - I've had the back armour off and eventually after much messing around the leak is from the oil filter - both from the bolt at the top and the sides of the flange - it wasnt obvious until we tightened up the bolt on the oil filter and watched it dripping away (could only see this with the back armour off as it wasnt obviuos looking on top) I want to go and fix it tomorrow soooo... - Can I use instant gasket to fix the leak? i.e. gasket around the flange and the bolt.. - any ideas on what to look for to fix the problem? any help appreciated cheers Mark
  11. markbg

    Great weekend

    I didnt take many was far too drunk most of the time and when sober was busy driving - there were official photographers and a film crew so should be something posted up soon
  12. markbg

    Great weekend

    Hi - just thought I'd post now before collapsing - show was great - kids thought so too - lots of runs on the Fox ch ran well and to top it all two firepower displays with the barrel realistically firing which I'd never seen or done before - loads of friendly people and very good atmosphere thanks all for the weekend and the organisers which made such an enjoyable time for us cheers Mark "VERY sunburnt" B
  13. Cool will do - that paint scheme might take a while though - but looks great
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