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  1. you’re right ..... the most are modified, customized .... not only on milweb 😳
  2. Not yet ... no all over Europe should be fine 😊
  3. Thanks, saw it, all sold, copies.... Marc 😉
  4. Looking for a complete car, running or not, please let me know what you have. Original engine, body, chassis. thanks in advance, Marc
  5. Hello Barry: thanks for your quick reply, please keep me updated, many thanks, kind regards, Marc 😉
  6. Hello, is it still possible to have a set of 5 tires 9.00x16 ? Many thanks, kind regards, Marc
  7. Hi John; interested, could you please contact me via: marchout@pt.lu many thanks, regards, Marc
  8. Hello, still for sale, thanks, kind regards, Marc
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