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  1. 22 minutes ago, wally dugan said:

    l think l have the answer   small number of the new fifty ton DYSON TRAILERS were in GERMANY for use with the new centurion and before been issued   generally 1950/51 these carrying  numbers in the YL SERIES also there were trials of the ELLIOT and GARROOD 80 ton trailer going on in conjuction

    think you will agree its an antar its the date thats wrong


  2. 1 hour ago, john1950 said:

    This trailer appears to have 4 axles with a tappered profile to the bed, which would put it in the 50 ton Dyson range. I think the profile of the towing unit is wrong for a Diamond T, I think the front axle overhang is to long. I now duck behind the nearest solid structure.

    100% that truck is not a diamond T indeed if i would go for Antar i question the date 


  3. eu.perkins.com/parts/online will be able to supply most parts filters gaskets etc any local commercial motor factor one common problem i have over the years is water pumps both on ex mod and civilian people ask about £500 S/H or new we had a company rebuild them 48hour turn around less than £120



  4. 15 hours ago, radiomike7 said:

    McLaren had that technology in the F1 30 years ago, some current cars can get a software update without you even knowing.


    just looked it up august 2008 was called out RTA a 19 york.On arrival 8 wheel man truck hit up arse by 4 wheel man both  on driver training.  pulled in to a layby for sandwich one had stopped one had not. to be honest 4 wheeler was a mess  eight wheeler only had rear light smashed one side while loading 8 wheeler on to our low loader engine started cranking over nobody flinched  so carried on did it again i asked what the fs going "Oh dont worry thats Man in Germany trying to work outs whats wrong  the are trying to get in a position to enable us to limp home

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  5. Rolling radius of tyres eg centre of hub to top of tyre = ? 

    wheel base believe = 3940 mm ? 

    centre front axle to front bumper overhang believe = 1314 mm ?

    centre front axle to rearmost of cab = ?

    centre rear axle to back of rear spring hanger = ? 

    Chassis height from floor = ? say near middle of truck

    Chassis depth chassis width is chassis top flange straight back to front /parallel side to side from cab to rear

    one last ask when looking from side is top of rear wheel above/ below top of chassis rail

    Really would be a big help if anyone could advise on these thanks in advance Steve

    I am hoping to convert to a small/medium recovery /winching vehicle but with a bit of a difference to the run of the mill 

  6. on leaving school my dad took me and a lad who worked for us to the army and navy stores in Goole to get some work boots. I bought a pair of unissued pair of leather soled hob nailed boots for 8 shillings john bought a pair of US issued rubber soled boots that looked wellie length for 5 shillings  next day we cut about 8 inch of Johns boots with angle grinder he was still wearing them years later. mine fell to bits with in a month soaking up oil. Needless to say dad gave me a ten bob note and told me to go  buy 2 pair like johns this was about 1970


  7. On ‎8‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 7:32 PM, Boley said:

    Getting there slowly, I have to register it and I cannot find the number stamped on the chassis. Would anyone have an idea where Thornycroft would put the chassis number?


    seem to remember but not 100% sure in front of steer box on depth of chassis and believe some digits obscured by that big plate with two holes in also on a riveted plate under passenger side wheel arch on chassis although this barely readable 40 years ago

  8. that exactly as the one i fitted arrived in a crate the previous two  were laid on a pallet.both crack side down. i know you said your sticking with current arrangement but if you should ever change your mind the way to do it is take cab off  then take rear bulk head off with air filters then lift engine and gearbox out and split on floor. The clutch cover on engine has unusual pull clutch arrangement  hat needs access to four points on dis assembly top and bottom covers also rear engine mounts have to come of putting back together every thing  pushes back together  if you ever decide to fit a replacement engone with standard clutch it is dead simple to do 


  9. 6 hours ago, radiomike7 said:

    NFL 16:1, SFL/TFL 14:1

    Cam is the same but runs 5 thou extra clearance on the exhaust valves.  The inlet manifold looks like it may be the same piece but mounted upside down and with a different elbow.  The injector nozzles are different.

    C6SFL was also used for the Vickers Vigor but for some reason was only rated at 190bhp for the mk2 and 210bhp for the mk3 whereas the automotive version was circa 250bhp.

    If you need more power I suspect it would be easier to find a complete Rolls 305 or similar engine with a centre mounted turbocharger.  As far as originality is concerned it could be claimed that the C6 is non original and fitted as an in service modification when spares for the Hercules became scarce.

    Finally are you sure the transmission is up to coping with the extra torque?

    got a minter 305 rolls sat in chassis can be heard driven around running any trial



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