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  1. Hello all, Just incase anyone is interested, I am undertaking a T-34/76 restoration, early days but the starting position is good. If you haven’t seen inside one of these then now’s your chance! It is a 1943 hull that has been up gunned later in the war with the 85 turret, so presently I am trying to accumulate the parts needed including the hull top plate and all 76 turret parts. I am also trying to find wartime wheels and other bits and pieces so if you have any gems I may well be interested! It will not be repainted totally inside as the original paint coverage is good and I wish to keep that side of things fairly original. The aim is to repair and restore as necessary but to keep the heritage, after all she was fighting in Bosnia and as such is a testament to what was endured over its life. She is presently undergoing an engine change and clean up. Have a look! https://www.facebook.com/T34tankrestoration/ Best, Alex
  2. Hi, Sorry about the slow reply! Thanks for all the links, sadly the most likely place for 76 parts to be found will be ex-battle field finds and some possible museum swaps, as most eastern block countries with a supply of parts are from post war 85's. I think today the only way of getting hold of an 'affordable' T-34 wherever it may be from is to track one down and speak with the owner and see if you can come to a deal. I do have a contact that may be able to help but any deal done would be for something that would need a big restoration and it probably wouldn’t be a cheap staring point. And good eye's, yes it was in Yorkshire, a pretty impressive recovery job and one hell of a position on the top of a hill, with the massive plus of friendly pubs all over. Thanks again for your help, if I can help anyone out at all please get in touch. Cheers Alex
  3. Here she is, she's not in such a bad way, needs an engine rebuild/swap, at which point I hope to go through it pretty thoroughly. Apart from the turret I'm also in need of some wartime wheels, another part that is easy to come by....
  4. Hi, I am restoring a T34/76, a long job, any information and help to find a 76 turret and any parts for a T-34 restoration would be much apprieciated, these as you may understand are not the easiest things to come by so any help, information or contacts would be a god send. Thanks Best Regards Alex
  5. Thanks for the advice and for pointing out the other tread, think im planning a trip to the Balkans in the summer so maybe the right kind of bike for parts etc. Thanks
  6. Sorry, this bike: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&item=220973732167&nma=true&rt=nc&si=e%252BjrCcAmGPs2iLQ80ONHUb93DZs%253D&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  7. Hi, Can anyone help me to identify this bike? Im looking to get something like it so any advice would be brilliant! Thanks Alex
  8. Thanks, that is fantastic info, there is another interesting article about it here: http://www.achtungpanzer.com/serbian-t-3485.htm A friend and I have a couple that came out of this mess, it is interesting trying to find pictures of them out there as the history is so recent, it would also be nice to track down some more (haha) however unlikely. I think maybe 10-20 got out in some form the rest surely scrapped. On the off chance I will mention this, I am searching for a T-34/76 turret if anyone could offer any info at all it would be much apprieciated...a long shot....and thanks again brilliant photos and story.
  9. A bit of a long shot but you don't remember where that picture of the T-34 was taken? Thanks
  10. Wow, thanks for the considerable info on identification, its good to have a decent reference point to start from. Also nice to see the pictures, they are such similar but varying beasts, my 53 T-34 has solid wheels, maybe reworked wartime possibly....
  11. Hi, Just wondering if you could lay out the identifying features that put this vehicle into the 1944 bracket. Thanks Alex
  12. Thanks, great to see those pictures, nice to see these vehicles grouped together. I wonder how many are still around and running. I like the Russian stuff of that era because it is good old 'simple' engineering, much like some allied stuff I imagine, just rod linkages and levers etc, built for the peasant, which suits me perfectly... I will try and post a picture of one on the up.
  13. Thanks Eddy, I rang him in about December too and he thought about 30-35K for the 85 and the VT. The problem is the prices have gone up there too. I'll give him another call at some point and see if anything’s changed. I would also like to find out about the SU-85 or 100, does anyone know of any around? Thanks all, Alex
  14. Hi, Thanks, I've seen those threads over the past few weeks, I have also been in contact with PA KO and others over that time but all the T-34's are now sold, apparently going to museums. The Amazing Polish Prices thread is interesting but I was predominantly seeing if anyone knew of anything in the UK sitting in a field or otherwise etc. An eastern block vehicle could be a possibility with help from a dealer but I was going to check more locally first. Cheers, Thanks, Alex
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