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  1. 4 hours ago, paulob1 said:

    SO I have just acquired a dummy warhead for  a Type V111 torpedo...along with the motor...it will make a fitting display to recognise the part they played in the Falklands war...excited about this...also in the running for a Cold War East German patrol boat, still in East German colours...and with aloads of paraphernalia...very exciting times...

    Is it a GSB 075? They have the same engine as the BRDM-2, except 2 of them :) I've been to a dealer who has loads of them, including engines..

  2. So, someone I know approached me, knowing I had a military armored vehicle and wanting to know where to find a T-34/85. Apparently her husband really wants to buy one. I did some searches around, but the usual places don't have them. Anyone know a good place to find them these days? Preferably in Western Europe, but Eastern is fine as well :)

  3. Can't say that I remember it happening.. It's been in storage now for 2 months I think.. Won't be going again until I have to go for MOT in february so can check then.


    I had it leaking quite a bit when I had the wrong fluid in before.. But that all stopped once I purged it as much as I could and put the proper fluid in..


    And while we are at it, here is a picture of it :-) Still need to repaint it..


  4. It all depends on what era you are interested in I suppose.. I've always collected Soviet/Russian military gear and never had an interest in WW2. So when it was time to buy a vehicle I got a BRDM-2, which is an armoured vehicle for half or even a third of what a "common" Willys jeep is going for..


    So in my mind I have the rarer vehicle :cool2:, which is an armoured one to boot! With recent or current surplus vehicles like that it's still doable to buy them.. If you want to go WW2 it gets quite a bit harder..



    TL;DR: A Jeep isn't the only military vehicle around.. Prices for those have gone crazy.. Looking into other era's (Cold war for example) is always a good choice :)

  5. Mine only has one welded plate next to the driver's window.

    That number is X01TT001653

    It has quite a few of these styles of numbers around the vehicle. None shorter though. Vehicle is 1985/1986


    Vehicle was bought from the Overloon museum, who got it from the collection of the Marshall Museum, owned by Jaap de Groot. He got the vehicle from the DDR apparently. Vehicle had some minor DDR modifications.

  6. First and reverse aren't synchronized. So they require double clutching. Usually with reverse I stop the vehicle, see if it goes in reverse, if it doesn't, put it in neutral, release the clutch a bit, then depress it again and see if the gears are aligned then. Reverse is "all the way out there" though, quite a long throw to the right and then front.


    Because the engine is kind of reversed in the BRDM (gearbox aiming to the front, ancillaries attached to the radiator/rear side) the gear shift pattern is also reversed.


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  7. EF31E723-6AB8-42E5-8EFC-26BD6A1FDCCC_zpsbft6ufbo.jpg


    The link to the gallery: http://s517.photobucket.com/user/kcimb/library/money%20pit?page=1


    It looks quite good, it's definatly a later model.


    All BRDM's were made in the USSR, however many countries they were exported to added their own flavour. Their own accesoires etc. My example was used by the East Germans so it had rifle racks mounted, an extra commander light and some additional sockets for powered tools.


    I can recommend this one:


    English translation of the manual..

  8. I've had good experience with Oleg (kesovagora) on eBay, he can get quite a few GAZ/Ural/BRDM bits..



    I've bought a bunch of BRDM parts from him allready, including head gaskets, spark plug caps, carb rebuild kits, indicator light glass etc...


    He also has a lot of knowledge of these vehicles so if you need something specific he can find it for you..


    He is not a major dealer for big body/chassis parts but for the small hard to get parts he is excellent..

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