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  1. Thanks for the info, but it seems many are "Service Exchange" and its cost prohibitive to ship a starter both ways, so I am trying to get the spares to rebuild it locally.
  2. Would you know if these are decent rebuilds as sometimes Ebay items are not up to standards. I also have to ship it to North America. Is the starter a CAV CA45F - I have a Army WS Manual but its dated Sep 1983 and the truck is a 1989, so I want to make sure I`m getting the correct unit. Many Thanks, John
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a list of spares suppliers that specialize in Bedford (AWD) MJ? I am looking for a starter motor or spares to rebuild the starter. Many Thanks John
  4. After going through the electrical diagrams and checking wiring today was I was successful - but I feel a little stupid!! I initially had charged both batteries and checked them with a battery tester and the amperage showed good so didn't think my issue was there! Today I attached my 24V booster pack and she fired up within one revolution and is as sweet and smokey as ever(keeps the flies away:-D). So, the batteries are good but not good enough! Thanks for the assistance, Clive and Robin! John
  5. Clive, Thanks for the manual!:-D John
  6. Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a MJ. After a year of non-use I can't get her to crank over. I am suspecting a starter issue. I am assuming the box attached to the starter is a solenoid?? Thanks, in advance, for your help! John
  7. Hi Robin A picture would be great, mines LHD - which way is the tach cable routed? John
  8. I wanted to install a tach in my 1989 AWD MJ. Anyone have any pictures of where the tach is mounted in the cab? Also does anyone know the correct routing for the tach cable? Thanks John
  9. Thanks Robin One of the other forum members put me on to Hamptons in Staffordshire and they have been very helpful. I am heading to Scotland on Wednesday on my yearly pilgrimige for spares for my Brit Cars and this year the MJ!! After watching your thread on the ferrets I was very tempted to bid on a Ferret on MOD disposal but the wife would shoot me first! John
  10. Happy New Year Everyone! Any suggestions on where would you get a MJ Front Windscreen in the UK? Is it the same windscreen in the MK? I was also looking for a Complete PTO winch kit - any ideas?? Thanks:-D John
  11. Thanks for the input everyone:) John
  12. Any suggestions on what should be done to winterize an MJ outdoors in a freezing climate.? Is there anything special that should be done to the air brakes system for example? John
  13. I have just bought a 1989 AWD Bedford MJ which has it's original green paint covered with a sand color. Also the top of the cab is painted red and the doors black. It came directly out of service like this from CFB Suffield in Alberta. I have two questions: Why did they paint the truck like this? :confused: What is the original paint code for the green on this truck?? Thanks for your help :-D John
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