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  1. Hi, colin s here. Not sure why I've been asked to post an introduction - i've been around on here for a while:-\. never mind, that's it done now....back to the forum.....
  2. hi daren thanks for that i will give it a go colin s
  3. Hi 6 x 6........Colin s here

    I've been trying to contact you about the contact details for the 'old yard' in Somerset. I'm interested in the overgrown FWD there....and if possible would like to try and visit during my upcoming holidays. Thanks

  4. Please...... Can anyone help me with the contact details for the owner of the 'old yard' in Somerset that featured elsewhere on this forum. I'm interested in the overgrown FWD I spotted in the undergrowth. Thanks in anticipation!:tup::
  5. would love to give you awee dram jack ,but my bottles all appear to be empty,hik,:beer:
  6. thanks guys for the warm welcome , chuffed to see the pics of the gm on here ,Adam.:yay: you guys will be off to castle fraser this weekend , I'm giving it a miss this year for kinpurnie military weekend.:sweat:
  7. Hi all ! I'm a new member fae Scotland :-D I already know a couple of members here (Croc and Adam Elsdon). I saw a couple of photos of my GMC15TA at the recent BA Country Stores weekend. I'm currently rebuilding an FWD HAR1 cargo truck - and looking for spares (there's not a lot of them about.... ).
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