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  1. Why do you need to work on the tappets , [ lifters ] I'm guessing is the engine skipping or noise ? If you can turn the bolts they are not to long and the cover will slide out the bottom . I would not take the manifold off if i did not haft to!!! my $.02
  2. Right; Degsy I guess that was a knee-jerk reaction same as some of the politicians the world over, i'm not sure of things in France maybe there is a terrorist cell hell bent on commandeering military vechiles and terrorizing the french country side! If more Frenches had guns and knew how to use them chances are those terrorist won't make it out of the driveway. Just my $0.2
  3. Thank's Degsy I found the thread ,Sound like we need to quit drinking that sorry french wine!
  4. Thanks Guys what a great link , Ive always said The U.K. has some of the greatest museums in the world ,you've just proved it again!!
  5. Hello LeeEnfield , Sorry I'm not familiar with Bovington Museum can you show a pic or a link? Sounds interesting.[/list:u]
  6. I can't argue with you Friend you got something NICE there. :shock:
  7. I think she mite be kin to someone on this thread
  8. Just a note if you don't replace the tie-rod end's and balance the tire's your not going to be happy also pitman arm they wear out to! Nice jeep!
  9. snow man


    Test #2 thanks
  10. snow man


    this is only a test
  11. Some people keep this stuff around for home land securty
  12. You guys have opened my eye's on gun laws in the U.K. Not to make fun at it but seems not to be the way to go. We also have some stupid rules for one if you have a concealed carry permit that hast to be a hand gun and you can have as many as you can carry [bUT you better not have a knife with a blade to long you can go to jail ] :shock:
  13. I cant understand there way of thinking [ the so called people in charge] that thay can put citizens in danger and think thay can be every where all the time. I have a concealed carry permit but I dont think this is the wild west. Someone told me a long time ago it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Maybe time for another Tea party!
  14. OUCH!!! I did't want to say it but [nanny ] is being nice. What was the time of the law starting and to when did the gun have to be turned over[seize] what ever thay called it
  15. Is private gun ownership unlawful in the U.K. If so what are the penalty's if found with say a handgun?
  16. Are any weasel owners comeing to U.S. in may for the east coast rally in maryland . I would like to meet [ and sell you something ].Ring in as thay say.
  17. That sounds great the M7 is also very rare hear in the us . I think the weasel may make a little come back, there has allways been a shortage of tracks , A company in N.J. i think is trying to make new tracks but this is up and down maybe by summer 06 . So hang on to your spare parts the demand may go up.
  18. Hello is there any M29 Or M29c weasels in the U.K.?
  19. Hello Thats nice to know about the [ biscuits] .Where I'm at here in the south we like buttermilk biscuits with a big'ol slice of country ham. One day i would like to post some gun photos at last count i think there were about 35 or so. Im really wanting to get more full auto weapons i have a M3 grease gun and uzi now. Hope to here from more I'll be easedropping on the side. Thanks Mike
  20. Hello to all my intrests are GMC's , DODGE , STUDEBAKER WEASELS, and colecting field gear. Over here we do like our guns a i guess i'm no exception mostly military and from ww2 . I think this is a great forum you got here and i hope i can add what little i know to it . Thanks!
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