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  1. BATUS Ferret 00CC78 Refurbish

    Yes its a pressure relief cap.
  2. BATUS Ferret 00CC78 Refurbish

    So Pretty :-D
  3. 02 CC 90 Daimler Ferret

    Any new updates to report ??
  4. Leyland Daf Diff Locker?

    Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Leyland Daf seat

    Ok, Thanks. I will have to see what is avalible localy that will match up the best.
  6. Leyland Daf seat

    Thanks for the link, it looks like the passanger seat is the same as the drivers??
  7. Leyland Daf Diff Locker?

    Thanks for the description Butch I understand how it works now.
  8. Leyland Daf seat

    I have another question to ask. I am in need of a passenger seat for my Leyland Daf as it was removed prior to me purchasing it at auction. Does any one have a picture of it as I do not know what exactly it looks like and it would be nice to have a reference to work with to see what I can match up. Also what other trucks might have a seat that would work??
  9. Leyland Daf Diff Locker?

    So Basically the button on the dash engages the front drive shaft in the transfercase??
  10. Leyland Daf Diff Locker?

    Does any one know if the Leyland Daf 4x4 actually has a diff locker or does the switch on the dash just actuate something on the transfecase?? I read somewhere that the truck is in full time four wheel drive and you activate the Diff lock when the truck starts to slip. I looked at the axles but I do not really see if there is some kind of line/wire to actually lock up the Diff or Diffs on the truck.
  11. Leyland Daf, Do I fit in Here??

    To look under the truck there is no damage what so ever and it was well maintained with having been fully serviced with all new filters, oil, new transmission, driveshafts, shocks, steering link, brakes and 2 front air pots.
  12. Leyland Daf, Do I fit in Here??

    Thanks for the info. Dave
  13. Leyland Daf, Do I fit in Here??

    Thanks for the pictures Sabre, From your first picture I thought it was a van body but a shelter of some sort. Have you camperized the shelter? What was the shelter originally used for? Dave
  14. Leyland Daf, Do I fit in Here??

    Is that your truck in the picture? Do you have more pictures of it and if you could email me some that would be great as I would like to see it with the green and black cammo on it as I might repaint mine in the same pattern. Does any one know or have seen a MG mount on the roof of these trucks as I was told they could have had one?
  15. Leyland Daf, Do I fit in Here??

    Hello Mike I think that this unit might be the exception as it is in excelent condition. I took it in today for our inspection to register it for the road and it did not need a thing. The mechanic said the truck was in perfect mechanical condition with a lot of new parts in it.On a side note the GMC trucks that were at the same auction were in sad shape with the ones at the auction before having cracked frames ECT, see pictures.