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  1. Painting the rear wheel really happy with the result 3 coats of Simoniz Red Oxide Primer, 3 coats of War Paint Farrant Brown and 3 coats of Hycoat Matt Lacquer. At the same time I touched my mudguard up where it had picked a few chips up. Hope you are all safe and enjoying the lil mini videos feel free to subscribe an check out the other 20 mini videos in the series playlist.
  2. Just been going through all the Raf pictures I've been building up thanks to everyone as reference for doing my markings, Got 7 separate pics with RAF roundels on the front mudguard including two combo's. Got 3 pics with the RAF ERM Number on the Petrol tank one with the Roundel below where the Norton logo sits with the RAF ERM number. Two of these are potentially from my contract I say potentially as only part of the number is visible on one of the pictures. One That Steve posted in the other thread that has the RAF ERM on the number plate + One Rob an Rik posted with just the RAF ERM on the number plate. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205448328 Interestingly a document Rik showed me relating to RAF vehicle markings mentioned in 44' the roundel was a transfer. Another post on Hmvf mentioned after speaking to the RAF Museum the roundel size was 3.5 inches which seems to add up with what I set my test one to comparison wise to what they look like in the pictures size wise. Seem's to be a bit of variance seen a few with an without the Norton logo as well both on solo's an combo's. Just hunting for somewhere that can do a waterslide think that's the type to use for a RAF Decal an which exact roundel to use least I've got the size sussed. http://woodair.net/Aviation/roundels/RAF_Roundels.htm Stumbled on this which was interesting that shows an original decal down at the bottom from a car. No Progress on bits today although I used some of the brush on primer on the rear wheel so I can sand that smooth tomorrow for paint an lacquer. Hopefully have her back on her wheels mid next week ready for me attempting to do the ERM Number. Seeing I removed the number plate (was the wrong plate size anyway) I'm gonna stick the ERM on the tank. Some Red Oxide spray I ordered a few weeks ago is actually shipped so hopefully I can do the front wheel with the spray rather than brush on. Am I right in saying the clutch an brake levers for 44' on are the pressed type with the gap at the back? Gonna start hunting for some. Tend to remember Ron showing me at some point but I've forgot. Just wanna say thanks again to everyone that's been advising and helping with bits huge help.
  3. Hi guys I'm the worst for going off topic haha so don't worry about it whatever keeps us sane + I'm interesting in getting along to all these things with you guys if you don't mind a tag along when the time comes:) That's good that you can change your date on the ferry Ron. Who's everyone using for control cable components in the uk ? Gonna have a go at making my control cables next week if I can get some bits ordered. Gonna need one of the clutch/brake adjusters as well got one I can remove from an original toolkit I found in the toolbox. Waiting on primer turning up again so trying to sus out the next steps on the bike while I'm at a total stop managed to fix the fisheye issue with the primer on the rear paint. Is it worth buying a full kit like the Venhill ones or another supplier? Having a hunt for the waterslide transfer for the raf roundel an which type to use. Saw a document via Rik that mentioned 44 they started using a transfer. Thanks in advance
  4. Decided to try some sizing on the erm/tank number for my World War 2 RAF Norton. She's Raf167554 pretty amazing to put her original number against the tank for the first time possibly since ww2. Not sure on the roundel yet have seen original pictures of earlier contracts with it on the tank an two pictures from my contract with just the raf lettering. Originally the sidecar would have had the raf roundel on the sidecar. Hence the earlier pictures which were solos having it on the tank. Pretty sure the roundel was the type without the yellow ring. Ensign tyres came today as well an I spent some time today working on fixing a paint issue with fish eyes in the primer on the rear wheel pretty sure I've got that sussed now.
  5. Hey everyone on the hunt for the following bits in no particular order rear later rack. 1" bar end cap. x1 1" clutch lever assy. Or parts later type lever blades 1" brake lever assy. Or parts later type lever blades 1" Norton throttle grip. Fuel line. Full set of control cables. 1" horn button. Du42 Headlight with blackout. rear panniers. Late type oil tank. Field stand. Passenger footrests. Wouldn't mind a vokes as well but that's further down the line Cheers, Tom
  6. Made a bit of progress today had a workshop day inside an did some more work on the wheels the rear is ready for red oxiding now. Re fitted the mudguards to. Screwed up at first as I followed the original pics I took of my bike an put the front stays to the outside oops! Was chatting with Horror when I noticed it thanks for the reference pics mate. Got a bit emotional talking about the Raf numbers on her. Still so happy that I managed to find them out. Not to sure on my throttle grip now least I've got something to use if I need to, think its a Matchless Bowdon one think I know what you were mentioning now Ron. Rather hunt for the right one before I get the Canvas grips onto her an need to sort the remaining levers as well. Need to sus out the screw size for the doherty air an advance levers. Gonna inspect the oil pump tomorrow an then I can get the magneto back on to an start looking at timing the engine up while I'm waiting to sort the remaining parts. Just weighing up Raf roundels the ones that I've seen within my number range seem to have RAF+number on the tank or on the front mudguard blade. Then the RAF roundel on the sidecar. With my Sidecar missing I had a look at a few of the solo's. Seen a few with roundels on the front mudguard and seen a few with them on two locations on the tank on multiple raf pics. Seemed like it varied a bit. Then saw an Ariel with the roundel on the mudguard and the tank and a bsa with a white part of the mudguard blade with the raf number painted on that so it's visible from above. Then the tank Keith showed me on Rob's website in scc.2 with the raf roundels on. Thinking most likley I'm gonna go with the R.A.F. on one line then my number just below on the tank like in two pictures I've seen then see what rooms left. This was quite a cool pic of some early RAF bikes. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205448328
  7. Thanks Ron appreciate the info do look smart.
  8. Thanks Ron that's a ace ref pic What Tyres are you guys all using gonna look at ordering a set and some tubes an rim tape this week
  9. Exciting news thanks to the help of Geoff Fletcher via the Raf. I've got the Erm number for mine to put on the tank shes RAF167554 Exciting stuff didn't think I had a cats chance of finding it out. Been interesting as Steve S put a picture up on the bsa nl forum of one 103 away from mine numbers wise with a vokes filter on the tank. Ron's shown me some to an Rik of some sidecars with similar numbers. Really awesome to see. Just curious guys how do the vokes filters mount on the Norton tanks?
  10. Got the nos rear light painted an lacquered yesterday just about to start red oxiding the rear wheel
  11. Yep that is what I'm thinking myself Ron doing her true to being an Raf bike it's been really bugging me my dads mentor Cliff when he was in work as an apprentice back in the day was a dam buster gunner he used to wear his tie every day to work used to call my dad son. May he rest in peace. He actually ended up working for dad in the end amazing how things go full circle an he was an amazing guy from what I heard so be cool to honour him to as well as my dads dad my Gramps who was in the ra. You know what this means Ron I'm doomed I'll have to get some of the Japanese stuff sold an get a second one!
  12. Huge progress today got the matt lacquer applied to most of the bike was really hot out with low humidity an the forecast looks really bad for next week so decided to go for it! Seems like it was the right choice. From where she was the other week to where she is now learnt loads on my painting technique with aerosol cans. Just gotta decide on which way I'm going with the tank markings now.
  13. Thanks super6 I've got the decal for the engines census number ready to go on but I've been having an internal dilemma that I'm not paying homage to the chassis' raf history. Really matters to me doing the right thing although I know that's down to interpretation tricky one for sure! I have seen a period picture thanks to one of our members that I could base off an I've got a little theory I'd like to try an confirm hence hunting for any other bike pics potentially from that contract starting with a 9 on the tank. This is all so exciting love researching and learning things. I guess by doing the thread if anyone else in the future wants to find stuff on this contract there will be a resource for it. Was interesting on Robs website that it mentions the late raf bikes retaining the 1" bars which is good as I'm fitting those to mine thanks again to a few of our other members.
  14. Thanks Super 6 that's great!! Was hunting for a copy of that book big help info wise. Thanks for taking the time to type it out for me.
  15. Hi everyone just wondering has anyone ever found out which type roundel they used on the raf bikes mainly the Norton's was it the type c1 with the yellow ring or the type d. Mines a late raf sidecar combo from the 1944 ordered contract s7010 been on the hunt for any pics from this seen one possible which was epic but been hunting for any others if anyone has any tucked away really interested in the tank markings and any other markings they had on the bikes. bit of an internal battle going on in my head at the moment ha! Cheers, Tom
  16. Thanks Chris appreciate that advice. Huge day today Happy with the paint work now that needs about a week to dry and matt itself down like the headlight then its census numbers Norton logos and lacquer speaking of Lacquer I've moved onto testing a few different brands the speedo is with hycote matt 3 coats next to the bare paint. Thanks to everyone for all the advice the paint came out brilliant on the 2nd go.
  17. Chatting about the progress so far on my WD16H and a little bit on what we have found out on her thanks to a few people who I'd be lost without on the wd scene. Every day is a learning day
  18. Thanks Richard really appreciate you taking the time to reply. The headlight shell does seem to be getting way better. Been really enjoying the learning curve. Said to dad a moment ago I'm feeling so much more confident about it now I've got a solid plan. Soon as the next lot of paint arrives on Tuesday I'm gonna get the rest of the bike to the same level as the headlight seems to be far smoother than the tank. Then I'll leave it as you said for week or two. Using aerosol cans in the future I'm hoping to get some propper spray equipment. Good thing is when I tried the oil tank which had the rough finish. With the last of my paint it smoothed out great so that should save on paint as it only took 2 coats. Constantly learning I'm sure in a few years itl be quite fun looking back at the videos an I'll still be learning then no doubt.
  19. Thanks mate yeah I prefer the used look which is probably why it was such a shock to the system seeing how shiny it is. Great news though today I sussed a solid plan out of what I'm going to do now. Using the now scc.2 brown metal plant pot to experiment with some matt and satin lacquer. While at the same time I over painted the sides of the oil tank which were rough as I'd under sprayed them to get it looking matt. Great news is the paint filled in all the dibets and I got the same smooth finish I did on the headlight shell. The tank finish is 7 light coats 2-3 hands distance. Headlight shell is 3 coats hit hard. All got red oxide underneath which is silky smooth by Simoniz Filmed the experiments in the latest video
  20. Had a big breakthrough on my WD16H Norton paint. Be interesting to see what you all prefer thanks to everyone for all the advice. Going to be trying some matt lacquer over the top of a test panel tomorrow.
  21. Spent today trying a few different paint techniques out that are gonna spill over till tomorrow really enjoying the learning process. Got a solid plan of something to try tomorrow so thanks to everyone for all the advice.
  22. Cheers mate I'm the same haha no where near up to everyone elses standards as I'm still learning so I'm going for a lived in look to actually just tried something that really worked something I used on metallic paints in the past but it did take the red out a bit of the colour reminds me of being back in litho print haha!
  23. Hi Ferg are you using the sating or the matt one mate? Was just having a look while I got some exhaust paint. Painted 4 sides of one of mums metal plant pots in scc.2... she doesnt know yet dad reckons it's an improvement haha! So least we have something to test on.
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