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  1. Success everyone got the lever screws sorted thanks to Nick for some advice on them ended up with 2ba x 3/4inch which fit pretty much perfectly just had to trim the length down a bit an go in an out a handful of times by hand. Next thing to sort is a throttle slide for the carb an to try clean the inside of the carb body up. Anyone used the slides from amal in an original carb? Plan now is just to get her running so i can start to use her, then look at all the bits an peices like the racks vokes etc.
  2. Thanks roots just need to touch the front of the frame in where I missed really happy with how the tank came out.
  3. Hi Ron hope you are keeping well actually ran outta funds at the moment which sucks a bit so shes not really progressed since ve day. Got some Dianese leathers hopefully being collected next week no people can pick some stuff up an then I can carry on with the restoration. Got the carb left to sort (throttle slide was damaged an a big 4 item) Need to tap the levers through to take the new 1ba bolts. An fit the oil tank an chain oh an time the engine an do the wiring itching to get stuck in again. Been loosely assembling a Yamaha rd250lc I've had since I was 19 to keep me busy had all the bits for that for a while.
  4. What a wonderfull Ve75 so far been speaking to so many people who have been walking past socially distancing of course been great seeing the younger generation showing a genuine interest to Tea in the front garden and ww2 music playing! My 1944 Raf Norton 16H Lest we forget
  5. One socially distancing Norton Sat in the front garden with the Norton an all the windows done up with Ve Day prints Watching The BBC program on the laptop. So many youngsters looking with there parents really great to see. Thanks again to everyone that's helped me get this far with her.
  6. Another hugely productive day today using a combination of covers I got her fitted up with the cam chest/timing cover an got the MagDyno installed to! Got a problem with the carb that I need to weigh up for the next lot of progress .
  7. Gonna be some progress this weekend:) Ended up with two covers an some other parts small stuff like screws an oil line parts + fuel line an stuff. Hoping to get the better of the two covers fitted tomorrow then the mag. Here's a picture of the current levers I've got for her. Just gotta find a Norton 1" throttle, horn button, vokes, late type oil tank with the rib, panniers an racks
  8. Darn that's a cool pic!
  9. Looks brilliant Ron cracking job!
  10. Episode 26 showing her fitted with the blackout grabbed my Canon 1D Out to film for a lil one an edited on my phone not ideal but not bad.
  11. Driving me nuts as well Ron just letting it properly dry off so I dont disturb the edge on the main circle. Think itl just flick off or a bit of rubbing compound gently or as you say thinners
  12. Decided to get the proper camera out today and snap a few pics
  13. Finished the Raf roundels today super humbling seeing them + her original wartime Raf number. They have really dried back since these pictures an are a superb deep dull matt! I'll get the camera out tomorrow an take some propper pics. Thanks again to everyone who's been giving me advice Got into the engine tonight an shes had a new oil pump at some point an it all looked pretty good bar one bit of damage to the timing cover that I've gotta look at fixing. Tomorrows job is to paint the rear stand an my headlight if it turns up although that might take a few days an start working out what screws an bolts I need to order that I'm short on.
  14. Awesome Ron was wondering how you were getting on with the enquiry great to see another Raf one being worked on. Yep I still can't belive how lucky I was some things are meant to be I guess. Interestingly there was a batch either side of mine as well Ron think it was 3 one side and 5 the other of my number. They were actually running in sequence so I don't think it'd be that far fetched for Royal Enfield to have done the same when the Raf marked them up. Couldn't see them working differently for different Marques. I'll have to have a hunt though all the Raf bike pics ive hunted out Ron an see if there are any RE ones. The material Sarah at axholme did the masks for the roundels might be a shout but I'm not sure how long you could leave them on very low tack though.
  15. Spent today putting the Norton waterslide transfers on and hand painting the Raf roundels on shes really starting to come to life now!! Emotional moment seeing her original Raf number an the roundels starting to go on! Thanks again to everyone that's been advising as I go along
  16. Video that goes with the recent pictures on my Norton Raf ww2 16h Painting the original wartime Raf number onto the tank an starting the roundels had a few hickups along the way but getting there with it Been really interesting learning how to do the tank number painting. Hope you all enjoy. https://youtu.be/I2vmGliCBpE
  17. Super happy with how her original Raf wartime number came out brush painted with a stencil. Next step is roundels thinking of just the one on the front mudguard seen a substantial amount of raf Nortons with the roundel on the front guard both solos and sidecar combinations like mine. + the wartime number and no Norton logo. 1 picture with the wartime norton logo an the roundel on the tank. An a few with just the roundel an a few with just the wartime raf number
  18. Midnight an I'm peeling stencils off lol
  19. Jumping the gun here slightly as the video isnt uploaded yet but was excited to show you all started to put her original Raf numbers back on! Super exciting an humbling moment. Brush painting and well for that extra bit of detail
  20. Quite a decent workshop day today on the Norton got the new tyres fitted with the original levers from my 650ss feels great to see her sat on the wheels again! Next step is to paint the Raf Erm and roundels on + the Norton logo that'll be exciting!!
  21. Painting the rear wheel really happy with the result 3 coats of Simoniz Red Oxide Primer, 3 coats of War Paint Farrant Brown and 3 coats of Hycoat Matt Lacquer. At the same time I touched my mudguard up where it had picked a few chips up. Hope you are all safe and enjoying the lil mini videos feel free to subscribe an check out the other 20 mini videos in the series playlist.
  22. Just been going through all the Raf pictures I've been building up thanks to everyone as reference for doing my markings, Got 7 separate pics with RAF roundels on the front mudguard including two combo's. Got 3 pics with the RAF original wartime Number on the Petrol tank one with the Roundel below where the Norton logo sits with the RAF original wartime number. Two of these are potentially from my contract I say potentially as only part of the number is visible on one of the pictures. One That Steve posted in the other thread that has the RAF original wartime number on the number plate + One Rob an Rik posted with just the RAF number on the number plate. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205448328 Interestingly a document Rik showed me relating to RAF vehicle markings mentioned in 44' the roundel was a transfer. Another post on Hmvf mentioned after speaking to the RAF Museum the roundel size was 3.5 inches which seems to add up with what I set my test one to comparison wise to what they look like in the pictures size wise. Seem's to be a bit of variance seen a few with an without the Norton logo as well both on solo's an combo's. Just hunting for somewhere that can do a waterslide think that's the type to use for a RAF Decal an which exact roundel to use least I've got the size sussed. http://woodair.net/Aviation/roundels/RAF_Roundels.htm Stumbled on this which was interesting that shows an original decal down at the bottom from a car. No Progress on bits today although I used some of the brush on primer on the rear wheel so I can sand that smooth tomorrow for paint an lacquer. Hopefully have her back on her wheels mid next week ready for me attempting to do the Raf Number. Seeing I removed the number plate (was the wrong plate size anyway) I'm gonna stick the RAF number on the tank. Some Red Oxide spray I ordered a few weeks ago is actually shipped so hopefully I can do the front wheel with the spray rather than brush on. Am I right in saying the clutch an brake levers for 44' on are the pressed type with the gap at the back? Gonna start hunting for some. Tend to remember Ron showing me at some point but I've forgot. Just wanna say thanks again to everyone that's been advising and helping with bits huge help.
  23. Hi guys I'm the worst for going off topic haha so don't worry about it whatever keeps us sane + I'm interesting in getting along to all these things with you guys if you don't mind a tag along when the time comes:) That's good that you can change your date on the ferry Ron. Who's everyone using for control cable components in the uk ? Gonna have a go at making my control cables next week if I can get some bits ordered. Gonna need one of the clutch/brake adjusters as well got one I can remove from an original toolkit I found in the toolbox. Waiting on primer turning up again so trying to sus out the next steps on the bike while I'm at a total stop managed to fix the fisheye issue with the primer on the rear paint. Is it worth buying a full kit like the Venhill ones or another supplier? Having a hunt for the waterslide transfer for the raf roundel an which type to use. Saw a document via Rik that mentioned 44 they started using a transfer. Thanks in advance
  24. Decided to try some sizing on the original wartime number for my World War 2 RAF Norton. She's Raf167554 pretty amazing to put her original number against the tank for the first time possibly since ww2. Not sure on the roundel yet have seen original pictures of earlier contracts with it on the tank an two pictures from my contract with just the raf lettering. Originally the sidecar would have had the raf roundel on the sidecar. Hence the earlier pictures which were solos having it on the tank. Pretty sure the roundel was the type without the yellow ring. Ensign tyres came today as well an I spent some time today working on fixing a paint issue with fish eyes in the primer on the rear wheel pretty sure I've got that sussed now.
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