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  1. Looking for a set of FV432 drive shafts and couplings that fit between the steering box and final drives. individual parts or complete set. can remove from a breaker if required. does anyone have anything spare ?
  2. Looking for new or as new Chieftain track pads, small or large amounts, to help make up a vehicle set. Anyone have any for sale/trade ? Also looking for a Breech Ring and sliding block for a Chieftain. PM me with any availability
  3. Anyone have any Centurion Steel track lurking about that could be for sale or know where there could be some available ? Don't necessarily need a full set. Thanks.
  4. Anyone have an FV 432 K60 power pack for sale or know where there is one for sale ? Complete and in good condition please. Ideally a low hours or reconditioned unit with no known faults. Funds available for immediate purchase and collection. Please PM with availability Many thanks
  5. Anyone have any oil filters for sale to fit B Series/K60 engines ? Looking to buy 6 units. Also looking for some Bump stops for FV 432. Looking to buy 10 units. Pm me if you can help please. Thanks Carl
  6. I'm thinking late 50's to circa early to mid 60's, soft skin vehicles, such as land rovers, light trucks etc. Not armoured vehicles. IRR came along later than this period I think but was there a matt coloured green paint used between Bronze green and IRR ? You mention Olive drab but wasn't this a war time colour only ?
  7. When did the British Army change their post war vehicle colours from Bronze Green to Matt ? Is there any documentation or specific information where the change is listed ? What vehicles would have been specified to be repainted first and how long would it have taken to repaint the whole fleet assuming they would have all been re painted ?
  8. Vehicles that are invited to form part of the main event display will not be charged and there may be some assistance with expenses. Vehicles that turn up on the day as part of the club/public areas will have some form of gate charge but I'm not envolved with this side of things. I am purely assisting with coordintaing the MV content in the static display areas. We have a great line up of WW1 and WW2 vehicles already. If you have something interesting that fits the bill make contact asap and lets see where it goes.
  9. Hi All I'm assisting the organisers in the search for some Post War Military Vehicles for the NEW 'Flywheel' event to be held at the former RAF Bicester in Oxfordshire over the weekend of 20/21st June. Lots of vehicles, pre and post war, racing cars, warbirds, Bristol Blenheim, airshow, WW1 dog fights etc. Looking to source some interesting British post war vehicles, softskin and armour, covering the period 1945 to 1960 to be part of a Post War display. Anybody in the Bucks,Beds,Oxon,Northants area interested in being involved ? PM me with contact details and what you have and I'll make contact. Thanks
  10. Looking to buy an Ex Military 86" Series 1 Landrover in fair condition. Ideally a 1955 model with Military Vin plate still attached. Dont mind some restoration work but dont really want to start with a basket case if I can help it. Would also consider a complete on the road vehicle. Anyone got anything out there for sale ?
  11. Carlinuk

    Colonel John Gillman

    The Funerals of John and Meriel Gillman are to be held on Saturday 6th December, 2.30pm, All Saints Church, Faringdon, Oxfordshire with reception afterwards at Sudbury House. There is a facebook page titled 'R.I.P. John & Meriel Gillman' where up to date details are being posted along with many photos of John and Meriel including lots of MV stuff. If you have any photos of them please feel free to post. Carl
  12. Looking to source approximately 200 new old stock T34 track pins or an eastern block equivalent for a restoration project. Track pins must have a diameter of 20mm. Does any one have anything available or know where to buy some ? many thanks
  13. Nothing went wrong !! Anyone get any video of the M3 Grant running around the arena at this years W&P show?
  14. Does anyone have an exploded parts diagram showing barrel and breech ring installation in a Saladin or a tech description on how to remove the items from the turret or have some experience on removing the items ? Thanks