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  1. I have put on my James a old horn ...??
  2. It's also a really military , just the engine was redbuild.....????
  3. Why there is a support plaque, on front mudguard ??
  4. It was even the owner of the 5147313 who asked me at the time to check if it had these marks ...
  5. No, they do not have all the arrow of real WD, what you can see is this arrow with two lines below perpendicular, same thing on the frame. Show me yours .... the 5147313 has the same arrows in the same places ..
  6. Someone have this marks ??? many parts have on my James , and YOU ???
  7. Thank you Lex , just Norton tools Please .. Regards Thierry
  8. ML 27 ?? she is more so old than mine , congratulation !!!!
  9. Lex, did you take some pictures of your spanners short box ???
  10. No Lex, I was talking about the sheaths of the throttle cables or advance
  11. the seat cover was distorted and discolored
  12. On my 16H I had original cables and guaine, but not on the James
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