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  1. Theres a few out there that do railway nameplates as well procast and newton replicas will also make them with a template but that's another one to add to the list
  2. Hello John, I'll have a look in the book and see what I can find. Theres quite abit of paperwork so will have a look later and go though it we should be able to scan it in and get a copy to you. We never built the dropsode brought it like that, was the truck that got me into these vehicles and becuse of its history with railways made it even more attractive to us. I will find out where I got my radiator done although it did cost me £700! It had a brand new core. He did say he would never do another becuse of how time consuming but can get his details. He also said it's a work of art and he isn't wrong! I recently did strip another truck for parts for mine bassicly for the rear axle and radiator as spares. It does have the plate I have on it but i dont want to sell it becuse we only have the one spare. If you want I can see how much it would cost to get some cast? The mercury one you have will be an original one but bassicly a latter type at a guess it was cheaper and quicker. I sent my rear diff away for shotblasting and started from there. He never covers up the bearing areas so need to polish them up again now. I've also tried to remove the bearings but that seems to be cast into the hub. I'm going to have to get a new engine for mine as it is seized sold and had the head off for to long. Does yours have a Ford side valve or a Morris engine there was two types. You dont realise how heavy them rear axles are till you take them off and the giant worm gear inside. I've been told to not take the worm gear apart in its housing as if you mess up the alignment it can start eating at the worm gear. I've I've just lifted it out and put it to the side I'll clean the top and itll go stirght back into the axle then. If you want to drop me an email its Daleee.w25@gmail.com and we will try and get some stuff sorted. I have a fond liking for these and if you ever decide to pass it on we would be interested many thanks Dale
  3. Fantastic to see these mercury trucks getting restored, we have 2 mercury auto trucks one os restored and come out of Swindon railway works and the other is unrestored and is a tug. We also have most of the mercury truck and tractor co brochures, and paperwork if I get time I'll have a look into it dont suppose yours has a builders plate at all? I have had the radiator fully overhauled on the tug and now just rebuilding the rear diff. It's a slow project but since lock down happened given me some time to get some work done! I'm involved with a heritage railway and restoring diesel locomotives takes up most of the time. Dale
  4. Hello, I would be intrested if it's still about. Where abouts is it please?
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