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  1. Yeah merc sprinters are a bit funny like that.. I do like the old buses from Malta.
  2. Yep I agree that a vehicle talks to you.. Most of my work is on the old air-cooled vws and that is the same.. You can hear a problem. They don't like multi grade oils though unless is is a new rebuilt engine.. Some of the engine rebuilers out there for air cooled side still even recommend using straight 30 due to the way it works.
  3. I am going to have a proper look inside the engine this winter as I don't know any history. Just want to be able to use it this year and not find something that I am not happy with internally. I do belive that everyone has their own opinion about things and I just don't like multi grade in older vehicles to be honest due to the way the oil systems work. I was more interested in making sure I was using the correct gearbox oils and swivle joint lubricants really. But thank you to all that have given advise as I do find that all opinions are worth doing more resurch into.
  4. to be honest that's why I was looking at the straight 30 as I don't know any service history on mine and I have only had it about a year.
  5. Thank you sir for taking the time to reply. I am glad that all my resurch into it all has come up right.
  6. Does anyone have any views about if I will be using the correct oils? Seem to find a lot of contradicting info on the net about what to use..
  7. Hello all. I am doing a full oil change and am looking at the Morris range. I was thinking of using the golden film straight 30 for the engine. The AG90 for the gearbox, transfer box and axles. And the K400 EP for the front axle swivles. What's everyone's thoughts on this or is there better options? Thanks for any advise.
  8. yep took me a while but the one I got in the end wasn't even for sale I just got chatting to the owner and he decided he would sell it to me. just give it time and the right one will find you. I looked at a few but they just didn't seem the right one for me at the time.
  9. Ah so that's what's missing then.. so those bits are attached to the outside of the wooden uprights then I guess?
  10. Ok then I am guessing something is missing off my tilt.. I was going to roll the sides up but there are no straps to do it on the inside.. it has the buckles on the outside of the tilt as you would expect but nothing on the inside strap wise... Any advise would be great. Thanks. Martin.
  11. I am waiting for the v5 to come in my name then I can get the build card and go from there.. someone did tell me that the military markings will be nearly impossible to find now.
  12. Ah ok then.. don't know who mine was used by!! Guess it was probably only the Americans though.
  13. Hello all.. well as I have only just got my 1942 Dodge wc51 I am not going to be able to get in on any of the Normandy tours as they were all fully booked last year from what I have heard. What other events are going on then as I would love to be able to take mine to an event as I sure it would have been envolved in some way during d day. Thanks for any help with this. Martin.
  14. Is it only british vehicles they are after? Just thought I would ask I am only in Bristol.
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