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  1. Operation Jericho

    On this day In 1944 a flight of Mosquitoes took off from Hunsdon airfield in Herfordshire for a raid on Amiens prison in France where French resistance and political prisoners were being held,some awaiting execution,it was a precision attack with the walls being breached and a number of captives escaping although many were later caught but the raid did destroy a lot of German documentaion on resistants and other prisoners. There is some British Pathe film of the raid on youtube and a lot has been written about the raid if you care to search,i will raise a glass tommorow night to you gentlemen.
  2. ws 62 for sale

    Station now taken.
  3. A chap in vmars has a vehicle mounting kit and i may have the paperwork for that on a HD somewhere,did BCC get swallowed up by Racal?
  4. I will have a look through the paperwork i have on it for the reference to the genny unless i have early paperwork and it never went into production but it was a BCC item.
  5. Hard to find with these ancills a A14 backpack with all ancills apart from the petrol genny which i have never seen,to include set,2 atu's,mains and battery chargers,mast,headset,handset,key,webbing,spare crystals,hand generator,dipole aerial with feeder,rod aerial's,sigs satchels etc,the set is crystalled up for 3.615 which is the vmars net or can be free tuned,i have more pictures if required and it is for collection from Essex.£750
  6. ws 62 for sale

    ws62 in working condition with nos pedal charger,crystal calibrator,headset/mike/sigs satchel,rod aerial,remote unit,morse key,spare valve case minus valves and power leads etc. A nice clean working 62set with a good selection of ancillaries,this is for collection only from Essex and can be shown working,£550 More pictures available if required
  7. Larkspur c13 station

    Sorry,afraid not.
  8. Larkspur c13 station

    Larkspur c13 radio station complete with correct trays,aerial base and coupling unit on trays for remote operation with radials and earth spike,24v psu,j1 box,morse key,headset and mike along with signals satchel and the correct set to atu lead and a instruction book,i probably have a coax feeder for remote operation if i can find it. I have had the set running for an hour and it is receiving and transmitting although i have not had a contact to verify audio quality etc,overall the set is in good condition without broken fins,dents and needing a respray,i will not bore you with specifications from various websites as if you are interested you will know anyway. The station is located in Essex cm18 and i am asking £750,if interested pm me with your email and i can send some photographs or call 07760 245593 or mickb52ATaoldotcom
  9. Odd radio mounting tray?

    Solved, Thanks to Andy g8jac for solving this question,it's the mounting tray for a bid150 crypto unit of all things.
  10. Odd radio mounting tray?

    Chris, It crossed my mind that it may be for the a14 vehicle mounting gubbins which is quite a slim affair but only having seen one once i seem to recall it was something like the a13 vehicle mount but without the legs although i could be going off track,although it is the two holes in the clamp that are odd,are they for a strap to go across or for bolts to go through to attach whatever they hold.
  11. Odd radio mounting tray?

    Richard, It's 54.5cm wide and 32.5cm deep that is the inside measurement where the eqpt would sit,nobody knows on the clansman larkspur group either,it's not for a teleprinter at least not a Siemens t100/c11/r210 as i have just sold a vehicle with that setup installed and it's not for a c12 as that used the 19set carrier.
  12. French PRC-10 power supply question

    Bilbo I see you say our prc10 so guess you are in the USA,i have a British a41 which is almost identical and have used a French psu for a prc19 to power it although it was removed from the case with the protruding pins and runs nicely from 2 1.2Ah sla batteries all fitted into the old battery case(the waxy one)which then slots into the metal case,i did not change any wiring and the plug fitted so maybe i was lucky and did not have a smoke leak but check with somebody knowledgeable than myself and if you can avoid it do not butcher the case!
  13. 8m Mast / Aerial

    Hi Jarrett, Could well be ,radio gear is not my strong point ! Rob Should have a great big insulator to go at the base for when it is used as a vertical radiator,but yes Larkspur from looking at rhe pigtails on the guy ropes and the big stakes for them,lucky you have the c spanner for locking it off as these often get mislaid,if you put it up just watch it does not slide down a section as it will make a mess of the flap of skin between thumb and forefinger(no i haven't done it)
  14. 8m Mast / Aerial

  15. Having a sort out and came across this one,it has been overpainted so no nsn visible and is the same size as Larkspur trays(one of the reasons i have it)it has four Barry mounts on the underside and looks as though the arms on the swing out clamps are for tightening in the absence of a spanner?and why the pin on the clamp plate facing outwards or am i barking up the wrong tree.