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  1. Timbo, Thank you very much. I found exactly what I needed. John
  2. Rob, Thanks for the info. I am using a weed gauge right now, a long straight weed used to measure the fuel. I have been told that the electrical gauges frequently don't work. Most of my driving is for relatively short distances, but I still carry extra fuel. John
  3. Re the patch question. The photos that I have seen of British soldiers stationed at Gibraltar show them wearing a sleeve patch, hence my question. Thanks, John
  4. Help Requested, 1. The fuel gauge on my MK 1 ferret does not work. 2. The emergency flashers for the left side of the vehicle do not flash. The bulbs are good and turn signals work fine. 3. The trip meter on the speedo does not want to reset. I am new to ferrets so any diagrams if possible with the troubleshooting suggestions will be appreciated to make some sense of the spaghetti bowl of the dash wiring. Thanks in advance for the help. John
  5. Ok Folks, Where can I get a couple of the full color Gibraltar sleeve patches, the red one with the golden key? Also would personnel assigned to HQ Gibraltar wear a stable belt, if so what color and where would I get one. Keep in mind that I live in the Republic of Texas. Thanks for the help. Regards, John
  6. KF5DRO, General class license. Located in south Texas. Both my wife and I are licensed. My reason for getting a license was to have working radios in my jeep. My wife saw my magazines and became interested. She is more active than I am. I work the 2 meter band mostly but rarely use the 6 meter band. I have two RT 524 radios and a Clansman PRC 320 HF rig.
  7. Hello, This is my first post to the forum. My name is John, I am from south Texas. I have a 1943 GPW, but the main reason for joining is that I recently acquired a 1957 Ferret MK 1. I apologize in advance for pestering everyone with Ferret questions both from the vehicle perspective but also for paint schemes and relevant uniforms. british uniform items are difficult to obtain over here. When the vehicle was in British service it was stationed at HQ Gibraltar. Prior to that it may have been on Singapore. The data sheets that I acquired from the Tank Museum do not tell me anything about that, so for paint schemes and tactical markings I will settle for Gibraltar. I am looking forward to all feedback from the experts out there. I am a retired Lieutenant Col. US Army (Armor) so any questions that I can help with for Vietnam era to the 90's please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance for all of your help. John
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