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  1. Look on Ebay for Heng Long r/c Tanks, These drive sprockets are for a Walker Bulldog, and the gearboxes are also Heng Long make, I used the long shaft version. Hope that helps, let me know if you want further help. Kind regards.
  2. That must have been just before I joined her. I did the 2nd and 3rd commissions on Fearless, first we went to Gib. for the talks between Harold Wilson and Ian Smith of Rhodesia, then we were off round the Med. for exercises, Sardinia, Genoa, Taranto, Cyprus and Malta. Then Gib. and Plymouth. 3rd Comm. was off to the Far East,Lagos with Harold Wilson for talks with Nigerian president then Capetown,Gan,Singapore Borneo Australia, Freemantle and Perth then back to Singers and Durban on the way home.
  3. A good while ago I found a website where the members built 1/6th scale tanks from plywood etc. and fitted paint ball firing mechanism in the turrets and had tank battles with them. 1/6th scale is too big for me, so I built one at 1/12th scale instead and here are some pics of the build.
  4. During one exercise, an RN Admiral wanted to drive the Barv in the sea, he drove off in 1st gear in an un-recced area and promptly bellied her down with the tracks just churning water. He said sorry and left in an LCVP which came alongside. The tide was on the flood and that night it covered her. It took 3 Scamells and 2 burnt out winch clutches to get her out. She went to Singapore workshops for a recond. engine flown in from UK by RAF.
  5. Thanks Guys, I think I've got some more pics. Stand at ease while I look.
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Geoff Cropper and I live on Anglesey. I'm not sure if i'm in the right place as I don't own any ex-service vehicles. I was searching through the web for anything about REME BARVes and this site came up. I'm 69 now but when I was 17 I joined the REME in 1961, as a mechanic, doing my training at Arborfield and Bordon at Havana barracks. Whilst posted at Barnard Castle in Yorkshire, in 1967, I volunteered for HMS Fearless as part of the ABU, Amphibious Beach Unit with the Royal Marines. I was one of four REME Barv crew, Commander was Sgt.Tony Chapell,
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