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  1. I just hauled home my "new" A-3 fuel trailer and am looking for other A-3 owners so I may share information with them.


    The gent I bought the trailer from owns a salvage yard and was about to scrap the tank and turn the trailer frame into some type of heavy duty dump trailer.


    Below are some pictures of my trailer:


    Front view as found.



    Rear view as found.



    The way it should look.


    I look forward to hearing from other A-3 owners soon.



  2. Are there any used (or new) T-34/85 cleaning rods out there? If so, how much do they sell for? We have a NOS one that we don't want to muck up when we clean the barrel after blank fire.


    I know they are heavy so shipping to the US could get get pricy.



  3. No, this particular one came from the December 2012 auction in Indiana- http://www.auctionsamerica.com/events/all-lots.cfm?SaleCode=MM12


    I corresponded with Frank recently and he mentioned he has sold his.


    Looking for a trailer....


    Ahhh... Wondered who got her. We were looking at that one, but decided not to bid on it due to us not being able to go down there and inspect it. What kind of shape is it in?


    In case you don't have a manual for it, you can download one here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iatneeo1gicevn2/TM9_816_1944.pdf


    No leads on a trailer that I'm aware of.



  4. Military Veterans Museum and Education Volunteers, along with Slava, a Russian immigrant, get the T-34-85 running again after having sat for almost 20 years. Next it's on to clutch, gear box, and final drives.





  5. I have received a few replies asking for a in-turret video of the traverse mechanism. I'm happy to say you can now view a video of in-turret action below.






    PS - I'm much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. :)

  6. I get to drive fire trucks for a living. Important work, getting the crew safely to the incident and then supplying them with the tools they need to get the job done.


    In my spare time I am the President for Military Veterans Museum and Education Center.


    I used to work for National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, WI, USA as a restoration specialist/locomotive engineer.



  7. You don't happen to have the one that used to belong to Frank Buck do you?


    Military Veterans Museum and Education Center will be buying one soon. John K (Captain Crank) in MN has a few and might have examples you can get measurements off of.



  8. Leanin' Leana is either a Corbitt Model 50SD6 or a White 666 6-ton 6x6 truck. USA Number 55737.






    One of the duties of the 925Th Engineer Regiment, 9Th Engineer Command, is to keep runways clear for operational use. Here, a snow plough(sic) removes the snow from a Cub strip somewhere in Belgium. 12 January 1945.



    NARA 342-FH-3A05223-73210AC



  9. The best name I've come across in a while - ASSRON. On the cab of a 4- to 5-ton 4x4 Tractor Truck, most likely an Autocar Model U-7144T.



    Original caption: Gasoline truck being filled from underground storage tanks. These tanks were the first permanent installation to be built after the invasion of Ewajelein, Marshall Islands. 5 July 1944



    NARA Reference 342-FH-3A41701-63770AC







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