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  1. Thanks for the positive ID. What would something like this be worth? I understand prices over there do not necessarily reflect prices over here, but it would be nice to have a rough estimate. ~Robert
  2. I was recently made aware of an auction of a fire pump trailer. After a bit of internet research, I believe it to be a Coventry Climax FSM trailer pump. Would you agree? How hard are ignition parts (as that's what appears to be missing) to find? It's located in the United States, so it must have had a very interesting life! ~Robert
  3. M4 Sherman 'Timber Wolf' ~Robert
  4. Leanin' Leana is either a Corbitt Model 50SD6 or a White 666 6-ton 6x6 truck. USA Number 55737. One of the duties of the 925Th Engineer Regiment, 9Th Engineer Command, is to keep runways clear for operational use. Here, a snow plough(sic) removes the snow from a Cub strip somewhere in Belgium. 12 January 1945. NARA 342-FH-3A05223-73210AC ~Robert
  5. 412th SIG Jeep art The cropped image shows this I forgot to grab the caption and NARA number from this one. ~Robert
  6. The best name I've come across in a while - ASSRON. On the cab of a 4- to 5-ton 4x4 Tractor Truck, most likely an Autocar Model U-7144T. Original caption: Gasoline truck being filled from underground storage tanks. These tanks were the first permanent installation to be built after the invasion of Ewajelein, Marshall Islands. 5 July 1944 NARA Reference 342-FH-3A41701-63770AC ~Robert
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