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  1. Hi I'm looking to acquire a FV 432 bar minelayer towing brackets for my armoured personnel carrier if anybody can help me with one of these that would be great many thanks
  2. Hi I was just wondering whether anyone knows whereabouts you can do your H licence in or around Wiltshire many thanks
  3. Hi I'm looking for a few spares for a combat engineers tractor such as smoke discharges washboard snatch block two sections a track the front jib that mounts on the bucket And anchor is mounted on the roof or any other bits that are Pacific to the vehicle if anybody could point me in the right direction all knows where I could acquire any of these items that would be great many thanks
  4. I'm looking for a boiling vessel for a armored fighting vehicle if anyone had one surplus to requirements please could you let me know many thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply but unfortunatley they were sold. Hopefully there will be another before too long. Thanks again, Will
  6. Hi Looking to acquire an eager beaver fork lift. Anyone help?
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