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  1. hey guys.... This might be obvious but thought I should check before I bought. Will the seatbox off a Land rover defender 96 300TDI fit an 2.5TD on an 89 plate??? Cheers in advance!! Rob
  2. Well this is my little baby. Started life as a civi truck and was converted. I had some bad advice from a 'friend' at the time who's idea the whole thing was and such probably won't be for the 'purists'. Still needs some work doing to it in time for W&P... MOT being the major one, plus some cosmetic bits and bobs like GPMG front mount, clansman. Long term the front cross member/bulkhead needs replacing lots of rust and filler!!.... but to be honest I'm going to a big sandy place next year and get a nice little bonus which should pay for a 24v FFR recce... Seeing as I have been left high and dry and don't really have a great deal of knowledge, experience or skill I would love some feedback on bits that needs doing or just in general really.... I'm slowly building up all my tools after they were stolen but more than willing to get stuck, sort bits and put right some wrongs!!!
  3. adding a couple of pics.... not really finished yet and probably not entirely accurate...
  4. hey guys, Hail from the North of England in the land of the white rose. Currently got a Defender 130 missing a roof and windscreen as it's been done as a reece truck! Still needs some work to do before W&P this year, like an MOT..... Regards SubTig
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