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  1. hey guys.... This might be obvious but thought I should check before I bought. Will the seatbox off a Land rover defender 96 300TDI fit an 2.5TD on an 89 plate??? Cheers in advance!! Rob
  2. Well this is my little baby. Started life as a civi truck and was converted. I had some bad advice from a 'friend' at the time who's idea the whole thing was and such probably won't be for the 'purists'. Still needs some work doing to it in time for W&P... MOT being the major one, plus some cosmetic bits and bobs like GPMG front mount, clansman. Long term the front cross member/bulkhead needs replacing lots of rust and filler!!.... but to be honest I'm going to a big sandy place next year and get a nice little bonus which should pay for a 24v FFR recce... Seeing as I have be
  3. adding a couple of pics.... not really finished yet and probably not entirely accurate...
  4. hey guys, Hail from the North of England in the land of the white rose. Currently got a Defender 130 missing a roof and windscreen as it's been done as a reece truck! Still needs some work to do before W&P this year, like an MOT..... Regards SubTig
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