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  1. I can vouch for the quality of Jons work, the L37A1 he produced was for me to go in my Scimitar. I have since shown it to the London proof master , who said it was too good a copy but cannot be considered a firearm {praise indeed}. I am about to get Jon to build me an L43A1 for my Scorpion.

  2. I got to see the vehicle history card for my Scorpion today.


    It started of at Lugershall in 1973

    3/1/74 14/20 Hussars

    28/4/76 1st Royal Tank Regiment

    30/7/77 Queens Dragoon Guards

    17/6/80 9/12 Lancers


    17/11/81 Conversion from 0860.7400 to 0860.7450


    5/3/82 ODA (special forces detachment alpha)

    2/11/82 2 ADS (???)

    2/10/82 16/5 Lancers


    9/11/82 conversion from 0860.7450 to 0860.8450


    21/11/86 13/18 Hussars


    10/2/93 returns to Luggershall



    Anyone know what ADS might be?

    The chronology seems to go a bit awry in 82!


    I might see if anyone has any pics on ARRSE...


    Hi Richard,

    My Sabre 04FD01 also started its service life with 14/20 hussars at wulfenbuttel in 1973, spooky that they're both in Dorset now. I'll dig out the rest of it's history to see if they have anything else in common,

    I think you'll find that 2 A.D.S. stands for armoured delivery squadron.

    All the best Andy

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